Sunday, April 29, 2007


The clouds were spectacular this evening. I've been feeling so drawn to be outside when there is such a display in the skies. I'm reminded of the correlation in Chinese acupuncture theory between the energy of the Liver meridian and the clouds. In Five Element theory, the Hun is the spiritual aspect of the soul and "...inhabits the vaporous, ever-changing region of our visions, dreams and imagination..." according to Lorie Eve Dechar as she writes in her book 'Five Spirits'. The Hun is the realm through which we find our true path.

I had a mostly sleepless night last night. My schedule has gotten me sleeping later and later, and so, needing to be up early today for a rescheduled workshop, I ended up with very little sleep.
From Lorie again..."Adequate sleep and time enough for dreaming will help to make the liver a good home for the hun and encourage them to roost again at night."

"...a day spent watching the shapes of the clouds move across the blue sky will sometimes do more for [the hun] than any medication."

I guess that was my 'medicine' for today ;-).

The gorgeous clouds, and a visit from the almost full moon.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

oak flowers...

I've been following the progress of the trees this spring, watching and photographing the new leaves just budding and forming, and the patterns that they make against the sky. I noticed these oak flowers the other day, and wanted to photograph them before they developed into full-blown leaves. Today was gray, but pleasant, and I played around with getting an angle on these that would show them up against all the surrounding branches, as they were a bit high over my head. I like this one, it looks almost like a b+w photo with a touch of color, and I love the combination of leaves and flowers, they look like little dancers.


The word seems to keep coming up lately, and my life has been a journey of continual transformations, so Alchemical Journey just popped into my head and took up residence, becoming the title of my new blog.
Where does it go from here? That's part of the journey. I'll be discovering myself as I discover the journey that this blog wants to take me on. Fun!

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