Monday, May 28, 2007

ferret issues...

Akuma...means 'demon' in Japanese, though there's nothing demonic about this cute little guy. This is my son Michael's ferret, the dark haired one. George's is named Jiyuu, which means 'freedom', and he's blond.

Akuma started losing a lot of his fur about a month ago. Ferrets can moult in the spring and fall and extreme hair loss can be normal, but it started to worry me because I didn't see any new fur growing in. I know that ferrets can get a nasty disease called adrenal disease, and this was a possibility, though he really didn't seem ill in any way. So, I did some internet searching, and found some interesting information. One was that at the age of 3 to 4 years about 75 to 85 percent of ferrets will get this disease! Hair falling out is the obvious symptom. Still, I didn't really get the sense of there being a serious illness, but I didn't really know for sure, so I started preparing myself for the possibility of surgery for the little guy.

It occurred to me also, that the hair falling out had coincided with my giving them regular doses of a tonic that is supposed to be good for the coat and their overall health, so I started searching for information about the possible dangers of that. Well, due to preservatives and Vitamin A, which builds up in the fat cells, it is possible for the ferret to overdose or have an allergy to this treat. Guess what one of the symptoms would falling out! I cut out the treat (Ferretone) completely and gave Akuma some energy treatments.

Reconnective energy fortunately doesn't require that the patient lay still...impossible with ferrets anyway, although animals do feel the energy and will stay within range because they like it. I had used this on a gerbil who had the symptoms of a stroke and couldn't hold herself upright without falling over to one side. She improved quite a lot and was able to stand straight after a few treatments. So, Akuma got three days in a row of Reconnective energy treatments from me, along with the stopping of the Ferretone.

He's growing his hair back!! Yay!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

sing your song...

Have you all been feeling the shifts in perception and focus that I've been feeling? Astrologically we've been going through a great many changes in our lives, and I'm sure a lot of people are noticing something, though maybe they don't know how to categorize it all. I study several forms of astrology, and I know that it is hard for many people to follow some of the language of astrology, and even to accept the premise itself, so I don't want to go into lots of details. I wouldn't know how to pull it all together into one neat package anyway. I do want to point you to Robert Wilkinson's latest blog entry about the upcoming 'blue' moon, though. We are in a time where we can consciously begin to 'sing our own songs', but it doesn't necessarily happen without our being aware that we can, and knowing that it is possible to focus ourselves in a way that is healthy and life-affirming for us. Robert gives some good advice here, just don't stop reading when you run into talk of degrees and lunations, etc. ;-)
The Blue Full Moon in Gemini-Sagittarius

Eleanor Haspel-Portner's Simply Your Self™ transit report for this coming week is also very valuable for navigating through the changes on a very conscious level of awareness on a day by day basis. I will link to the page where you can find this week's pdf of the transit report, but it will change from week to week, hence the link will give you a different report later, or no report eventually when the new website is ready (but I'll tell you about that when I know about it)....Simply Your Self™ transit report page
Look for this listing and link on that page "This week's MHDS Transits" and also there are other links for how to use the reports, etc.

In Eleanor's words...
"Consider for the week:
You create your own destiny through your inner process and
how it reflects in the outer world. Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Be aware. Be alert. Be compassionate. However, stay true to your own values. Put your needs before the needs of others to assure congruity in your highest purpose. Remember you are one with others. Your health and balance is their health and balance as well."

A little note from me about putting your needs before the needs of others. It's like what they tell parents of small children on airplanes...put the oxygen mask on your own face can't help anyone by trying to be all things to all people and losing your sense of who you are and what you are here on earth to do in this life. I've learned this lesson the hard way :-) By developing your sense of what is meaningful and valuable for you, and tuning in to your Higher Self, you create for yourself and others what only you are able to bring to this world...your own unique song!

making coffee...

I've been having so much fun getting to know my new coffee making set.

Carter came through for me on Thursday, with the coffee pot set and some Sumatra from the Spice Corner in South Philly!

The amount of creative control that I have in creating coffee now is wonderful. Such a simple thing like making coffee, and yet I can get really involved in the process. I have three different coffees right now to play with, and I'm experimenting with varying the amount of coffee and the amount of water and making these wonderful, almost syrupy (but in a good way), cups of tasty fun. I also signed up for a coffee newsletter from Cafe Altura, and I'm getting notices of special sales and also recipes. actually sells all kinds of natural, organic goods at great prices, too. The Cafe Altura coffees are there, though you need to buy four pounds at a time. They're vacuum packed, so will keep for a while. I used to get their Biodynamic coffee blend, in my days of studying all things Waldorf and Anthroposophy related...not that you need to know anything about that to enjoy the coffee, just that I found the coffee in Kimberton, PA on my trips to a study group there.

The funny thing about all this coffee stuff is that I find that I don't just go for a mindless cup of coffee now, and so I feel more satisfied with what I have and don't feel that I am getting an overload of caffeine...i.e. I will probably drink less coffee this way, although I don't drink a lot to begin with.

Yesterday I visited my favorite bead store, Reed's Beads in Ambler, and had such a good time just sharing ideas and experiences with Erica, the owner.

I did buy the new issue of Stringing magazine

....and a Green Girl Studios Druid Rock bead,

here's the front...

...and the back...

plus a few little things to help with making jewelry.

I showed her my blog, and she went to the Elvish Name website to convert everyone's name to elvish (see my links at the sidebar), and then we surfed around to some great beading blogs.
We talked about the upcoming bead extravaganza in Milwaukee that she'll be going to, I'd go into total overwhelm if I went there, don't know how people handle all of it. I love bead shows, but I do get visually and energetically overwhelmed, and this one that she's going to is a mega-bead show like nothing that I've ever seen.

I spent the afternoon and evening in and out of the car. I came home and then took off for Panera's to get bagels and two soups in sourdough bread bowls for me and my son Michael. They've become our regular Saturday feast lately. You get to eat the soup infused bowl after the soup is done, mmmmmm. Then I took both sons to an Army and Navy store for an infusion of olive drab, and a new carry-all, in olive green with lots of pockets, for George's laptop and whatever else he needs to carry. He even found a compass like he used to have a long time ago. A nice heavy metal one that feels good to use.

I've been working on one of our ferrets...that's a story for later, but I am happy with his (the guy in the back) healing progress.

And...I'm sitting here freezing my feet off near the A/C vent because it's @ 90 degrees at the end of May!! Time to go warm up.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

the good things in life...

I find that I keep looking for the 'big stuff' in life. I look for major changes, big happenings, etc., even though I know better. I know that life is lived in the small stuff, the small moment by moment experiences that don't seem very big when they're happening, but that all add up to what life comes to be.

Even what we think of as major happenings are still all made up of little steps. It's not until afterwards that we realize that something has changed, and that we are living our lives in a different way.

Today was a day of really seeing this, though it took me a little while to fully realize what I was seeing. My friend Carter (hi Carter!) was talking about this tonight, and I wasn't wanting to hear it, I think. It's something that I know very well, and yet I've been experiencing an expansiveness in my life, and didn't quite know how to reincorporate this knowing.

I'm realizing that somehow over the past year or two life has been bringing me friendships and interests and skills that are starting to feel like the fabric of my life, where they had just felt like random, unconnected happenings as they were coming into being.

Now, I realize that my evening was full of little gifts, people who have come to be important to me, just being there and talking and sharing. I was aware of it at the time, but I didn't see the bigger picture, like seeing the trees and not the forest.

In living moment by moment, these things can happen. If, let's say, I waited for some big invitation to some kind of gathering and ignored everything else, then I would miss consciously living through these moments that make up the bigger picture of what my life is. I find that I want to focus more on whatever is right in front me in the moment these days, and I find that there is much satisfaction and joy in that. (Like these little moments of ferret synchronicity, above.)

Neptune turned retrograde today. [From our viewpoint,
a retrograde planet appears to be going backwards.]
This brings a lot of things 'down to earth'.
Neptune is a planet of dreams and fogginess, among other things. When Neptune's influence shifts, we get to see what is real and what has been illusion, and that can feel quite depressing. If we look at it in the right way, though, we can see what is truly important to us, beyond what we think we should have or dream of as being best for us. I believe strongly in imagination's power and benefit in our lives, but also know that there is a need to not get too carried away, and to try to see life as it is, not to get pulled into illusory ways of seeing things that bring us too far off of our paths. You can read more about this transit at this link ~ Kim Marie - Forecasts at the entry for May 24th.

series of dreams...

...a Neptunian video of Bob Dylan, in honor of his 66th birthday.
Credit goes to Robert Wilkinson at Aquarius Papers for the link to the video.
I wish I could get the size down a bit, but I'll try to put up with it for now ;-).

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Venus and Moon...

Were you able to see the crescent moon next to Venus the other day? I wasn't, it was much too cloudy to see anything. I did see them tonight, though. They are farther apart, but around 10 pm I was able to see them clearly, and I thought they still looked just as beautiful as they might have when they were just 1 degree apart. The Moon is now to the left of Venus, and high in the sky while Venus is lower.
has some photos that were taken from around the world. Here is one taken by Cran Lucas of Shreveport, Louisiana:

It seems to happen a lot. I'll get these announcements of something to not miss...and then it rains and I can't see it. I'm glad that this one wasn't just a one time only chance.

Now SpaceWeather says this..."Now the Moon is moving away from Venus en route to another close encounter--with Saturn on May 22nd. Stay tuned!".

Keep looking up!


Monday, May 21, 2007

an old friend...

This little guy lived with us for a very short time a few years ago. Our big white rabbit had died of some kind of cancer, and we went to the pet store just to visit with the animals.

Well, little Buddy was there waiting to be adopted and we couldn't resist.

My boys set up a pen outside so that he could spend some time out in the air and sunshine, but he was so curious, and I guess, determined that he would have a better life for himself. One day, the guys were distracted, and Buddy took his chances on the wild outdoor life. I hope he was happy for whatever time that lasted for him. I looked for browny-grey bunnies for awhile after that, but never saw any.

I took tons of pictures, though. He was just so adorably photogenic.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

visual dna...

This was fun to do.
I'd probably do it differently each time if I did it over again.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


DON'T MISS THIS: When the sun sets tonight, go outside and look west. Venus and the crescent Moon will pop out of the twilight barely 1o apart. It's a spectacular and unforgettable pairing of the two brightest objects in the night sky: sky map.


What have I been up to lately?
In case anyone is interested :-).
Let's see, I am finally finishing knitting a 'trapeze tank top' that I started about two years ago. I stopped for awhile and recently have gotten the knitting bug again and have been working on it fairly steadily for a little while. I'm casting off the last edge and will have to block it (flatten it) and sew it together and finish it and it will be done! It feels like a mirror to the rest of my life lately, a sense of completion of all that I've been dealing with for the past two years of changes in perspective and in my way of being. It feels good to have something that can represent that sense of closure to me. Knitting is always a nice way to clear my mind and put the world 'to rights' for me, too. There's a relationship between orderly thinking and the process of knitting, and I find that it does me a lot of good.

I bought the recent issue of Knits magazine and found my next project. It's actually available for free on the website...freepatterns
Here's a photo...

I had a nice visit with a friend at Barnes and Noble last night. Another new way of being for me, after years of raising my sons and home-learning with them, which made it difficult to connect with others and just have a simple get together over coffee. There were other contributing factors, I know other mothers have been able to do this, but for me this simple activity is a real blessing in my life right now.

Earlier, I read a post about making a great cup of coffee at UnweavingTheNest and went on an internet search for a manual drip coffee making system and found this...

It's available at Fante's in the Italian Market in Philly. It can be ordered online, but I'll find another way to get it. I have friends who live near there, maybe someone'll want to go pick it up for me ;-). So, one way or another, it's on my wish list now, and I'm looking forward to a better cup of coffee! I love the simple ritual of setting up the coffee maker and making coffee. Probably more than I like drinking it, though my ceramic, hand-painted mugs from Peru do help with that, too.

I think this set will make the process even better.

More to come...

Life is good!

an excercise...

I've been listening to Snow Patrol's Eyes Open album. I'm quite enjoying it. There's a subtlety to the album as a whole that I didn't expect from the songs I've heard on the radio. Set the Fire to the Third Bar became a favorite of mine, Martha Wainwright's voice juxtaposed with Gary's is so compelling. So, I was watching stuff on YouTube and came across the video and put it up on my blog in the last post. Now, after watching it a few times, I'm realizing that I don't hear the same nuances and subtleties that I do when I just listen. I think the video is well done, but the imagery changes the emotional overtones of the song when I listen to it. So...if anyone wants to try this out, play the video, but scroll away from it, or just minimize your browser, and listen without the visuals and tell me if you notice a difference.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


...if you pile up the dried oak flowers on top of the charcoal and put a lit match to the whole thing, you can conjure up a whole lot of white smoke!
I was worried that the neighbors were going to think there was a forest fire or something...but I guess not. does this continue the thread from the last post, I wonder. Alchemy? Turning the seemingly used up forces of wood and oak flower into another form altogether...pretty neat. My sons have always been able to show me what more can be done where I thought the subject was over with ;-).

Monday, May 14, 2007


I took a walk through my backyard yesterday. It struck me as worth noting the differences in how things are now, as compared to earlier posts. I had photographed the oak flowers hanging from the trees, along with the brand new baby leaves, and now there are dead, dried up brown oak flowers all over the place! And the beautiful fire, is now a pile of charcoal with oak flowers scattered over the top. I'm thinking about cycles in life...the sense of freshness and newness of things and events fades away into what looks like death, even in small ways. But that brings to mind how life needs time to compost itself, how the oak flowers make way for the little acorns to start to develop, and the burnt wood of the fire becomes charcoal, for what use right now I'm not sure, though I remember my boys using it to write with at one time.

If I were to only look for the newness of springtime, than I would miss the times of inner growth and development. The photos are not so striking, but there are processes happening that are no less important.

I wondered about the planetary transits, and how that relates to what I've been feeling.

Here is a bit of information from a transit report by Kim Marie ~ Astrology by Kim Marie ~, written for May 13th:

Mars is in the last few degrees of Pisces and the entire zodiac. Its desire nature begins anew when it moves into its own sign in a few days. That makes this aspect strong in showing us the old desires that have run their course and need to be released. Any anger is rooted in frustration at unconsciously giving your power away, and not taking responsibility for what we are energizing and attracting to us. This is a great aspect for actualizing our own power again.

I find that my own moods will reflect these planetary transits, and this one is where I've been for the past day or so. Looking at how my life has been affected by past circumstances, and how I can look at it differently and change how it plays out in the future. These are subtle shifts, and not always seen or noticed, though they happen under the surface and will manifest themselves later on. Like the acorns that we can't see right now, that have the potential to eventually grow into new oak trees!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tiny sculptures...

Cynthia, of Green Girl Studios, has a photo of a castle bead in progress on her
It so much reminded me of a little sculpture that I have, which is here:

There is something so special about these tiny little imaginary worlds. I feel like I can live into it in some sense and it just makes me feel happy to look at them. I can imagine the artist creating it and wonder what he or she was thinking and feeling at the time. It's as though the imagination is imbued in the object and carries itself to whoever can resonate with the resulting creation.

The artist carved their name and Cusco. Peru into the back of the piece. I picked it up in Brooklyn at an indoor flea market when I was a teenager.

It's has been with me through several moves, to Staten Island, back to Brooklyn and on to Horsham. PA and now Abington, PA. Part of it is broken, but it is still magical to me. Such a little thing, made so long ago, and yet I treasure it.

I think it holds the power of what it is to be creative and to live into our imaginations. It's so easy to have that taken away from you when everyday life pulls us into what is 'practical' and 'necessary'...I'm glad I still have these little reminders, and that there are people like Cynthia who keep this alive in the world!

Simply Your Self™ ...

I'm going to put up a transit report for Friday, since it is such a positive one and may be useful to someone today. The wording may seem a bit different from what you are used to, but I think the meaning comes through quite clearly. We've been going through such times of inaction and inability to really move ourselves forward in our lives, and that is beginning to change.

Friday, May 11, 2007 @ 12:00:00 GMT
Keywords for the Day: Explanation, Planning, Duality, and Masks
Internal pressure to put words to connections you feel with other beings may take your attention and focus. The desire might be strong to help others grasp their collective strength, especially since you may be starting to experience the fruits of your own endeavors of the past few months. Use this day well. The strength of the energy today may best be used to find internal and external unity. As you find your own inner core of creative direction over the next week or so, plan to take action that you may have been thinking about for a while. Few days set up with the kind of configuration in the Simply Your Self™ charts that sets up today. Use today’s unifying action as it resonates through you; it can be communicated in a caring compassionate way to others to its maximum. Take action if it resonates within and if you have been considering the action for some time. Use your Self as the vehicle through which the energy flows so it integrates your new view of your Self and of the world as you express your desires through expressive action. Enjoy your day.

It helps to follow these reports day by day, to get a feeling for the energies that guide us through our lives, but just knowing that this is a day where we can feel more integrated within ourselves, and have a better sense about what actions to take, may be inspiring in itself. Take some time to breathe deeply and center yourself and feel this inner connectedness.

Enjoy the day!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

oak and red maple...

Playing with colors today.

Everything is so vibrant!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Center Heart...

I had such a great weekend, even with very little sleep ;-).
I had received an invitation to go to a consciousness center in Princeton, NJ for a presentation by Jerry Wennstrom and Marilyn Strong. They showed Jerry's newly released dvd, In The Hands of Alchemy. I already have his book, The Inspired Heart, and recently got the dvd, but to have the opportunity to meet him and Marilyn in a rare appearance on the east coast couldn't be passed by.

I had heard about Center Heart on Jerry's website, In the Hands of Alchemy: The Way of Trust and Transformation, because his sculpture 'Conjunctio' is there. He makes these wonderful works of art that come together for him in a very organic way and express alchemical meanings, the union of opposites of good and what we think of as bad. When he was 29 years old, he had an experience that guided him to give up everything that had made up his life until that point in time. Having gone to art school and produced a tremendous volume of beautiful work, his whole identity became unreal to him. The only way to find what was truly real in his life was to destroy his artwork, and thereby, his assumed identity, and to be led to find what his true identity really was underneath all the conditioned assumptions about what life is supposed to be about.

Center Heart is a wonderful place. They are bringing the property up to code to meet Princeton's standards, which will allow them soon to advertise and grow. The energy and the people there are just great! I am looking forward to going back again and to see the center expand and become an essential part of the community and the greater world, as I feel certain that it will.

Here is a full-length photo of Conjunctio...
Jerry made it as a gift for Center Heart. There are wings that move up and down, and a heart that glows, plus the surprise of little horns that come up out of the head...isn't that always a part of love, no matter how much we want it to be pure and sweet? We wouldn't be able to learn and grow if we didn't have all aspects of the spectrum of love in our lives, as painful as that can be!

I'll be writing more about Jerry's path and will put up his videos on my blog.

The next day I had to be up early for a meditation and channeling workshop with Sheila Reynolds of Mind Matters. A perfect continuation for me of the magic of the weekend. Sheila has a new website here: MindMatters and also does emailed readings for anyone who can't come to see her in person. This was our last meeting in a series of four, and the channeled message was so comprehensive that it will carry me for quite a while. Maybe that will make a good subject for another blog entry!

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Today I feel energetically overloaded. It's hard to focus on any one particular thought or action. I receive a transit report called Simply Your Self™, and today's report helps me to make sense out of this feeling and to know what to do with it, so I am sharing.

Thursday, May 3, 2007 @ 12:00:00 GMT

Keywords for the Day: Incarnation, Dedication, Explanation, and the Four Ways
Prepare yourself for the upcoming powerful energy that begins tomorrow. Often when we approach such a powerful time, the precursors energetically stimulate our senses in ways that feel somewhat disharmonious or that we experience as internal tension. With numerous strong components in the physical, mental, and emotional spheres of our awareness today, it is a day when you may feel like something is just outside your reach.

You absolutely have the ability to perceive approaching connections that cosmically activate action. Use your acute senses today to anchor your resolve to remain true to your own purpose in the coming weeks. Use your instinctive sensibilities to anchor your sensations; recalling these sensibilities, in the future, may remind you of your reasons for proceeding in certain ways. Preparation is the basis of a strong foundation. Plan ahead.
Set your path. Be alert. Be inspirational.

This report is offered for free for the time being, so I can share it freely right now. In July it will be offered as a subscription service for a fee. The reports have always been right on target for me, and for many other people who have been receiving them. They are available from Dr. Eleanor Haspel-Portner at this Her website is here: but it will soon be redesigned.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Full moon and fire...

I actually drove around tonight to get a good vantage point to photograph the moon from...for my blog! I guess I'm getting hooked.

So, this is the May 'Flower' full moon. I'm having a hard time getting a clear photo at night with my digital camera, so I went for the fuzzy, colorful look instead. honor of Beltane, fertile imaginations, springtime, new beginnings, and anything else that seems to fit at this time, this is my son Michael's creation:
We turned our sandbox into a fire pit last year, and this was the first fire of this year.

I like this photo:

With a good imagination you can see some playful spirits that came to join us.

One more...

A great way to start off the month!