Monday, May 7, 2007

Center Heart...

I had such a great weekend, even with very little sleep ;-).
I had received an invitation to go to a consciousness center in Princeton, NJ for a presentation by Jerry Wennstrom and Marilyn Strong. They showed Jerry's newly released dvd, In The Hands of Alchemy. I already have his book, The Inspired Heart, and recently got the dvd, but to have the opportunity to meet him and Marilyn in a rare appearance on the east coast couldn't be passed by.

I had heard about Center Heart on Jerry's website, In the Hands of Alchemy: The Way of Trust and Transformation, because his sculpture 'Conjunctio' is there. He makes these wonderful works of art that come together for him in a very organic way and express alchemical meanings, the union of opposites of good and what we think of as bad. When he was 29 years old, he had an experience that guided him to give up everything that had made up his life until that point in time. Having gone to art school and produced a tremendous volume of beautiful work, his whole identity became unreal to him. The only way to find what was truly real in his life was to destroy his artwork, and thereby, his assumed identity, and to be led to find what his true identity really was underneath all the conditioned assumptions about what life is supposed to be about.

Center Heart is a wonderful place. They are bringing the property up to code to meet Princeton's standards, which will allow them soon to advertise and grow. The energy and the people there are just great! I am looking forward to going back again and to see the center expand and become an essential part of the community and the greater world, as I feel certain that it will.

Here is a full-length photo of Conjunctio...
Jerry made it as a gift for Center Heart. There are wings that move up and down, and a heart that glows, plus the surprise of little horns that come up out of the head...isn't that always a part of love, no matter how much we want it to be pure and sweet? We wouldn't be able to learn and grow if we didn't have all aspects of the spectrum of love in our lives, as painful as that can be!

I'll be writing more about Jerry's path and will put up his videos on my blog.

The next day I had to be up early for a meditation and channeling workshop with Sheila Reynolds of Mind Matters. A perfect continuation for me of the magic of the weekend. Sheila has a new website here: MindMatters and also does emailed readings for anyone who can't come to see her in person. This was our last meeting in a series of four, and the channeled message was so comprehensive that it will carry me for quite a while. Maybe that will make a good subject for another blog entry!

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