Monday, May 14, 2007


I took a walk through my backyard yesterday. It struck me as worth noting the differences in how things are now, as compared to earlier posts. I had photographed the oak flowers hanging from the trees, along with the brand new baby leaves, and now there are dead, dried up brown oak flowers all over the place! And the beautiful fire, is now a pile of charcoal with oak flowers scattered over the top. I'm thinking about cycles in life...the sense of freshness and newness of things and events fades away into what looks like death, even in small ways. But that brings to mind how life needs time to compost itself, how the oak flowers make way for the little acorns to start to develop, and the burnt wood of the fire becomes charcoal, for what use right now I'm not sure, though I remember my boys using it to write with at one time.

If I were to only look for the newness of springtime, than I would miss the times of inner growth and development. The photos are not so striking, but there are processes happening that are no less important.

I wondered about the planetary transits, and how that relates to what I've been feeling.

Here is a bit of information from a transit report by Kim Marie ~ Astrology by Kim Marie ~, written for May 13th:

Mars is in the last few degrees of Pisces and the entire zodiac. Its desire nature begins anew when it moves into its own sign in a few days. That makes this aspect strong in showing us the old desires that have run their course and need to be released. Any anger is rooted in frustration at unconsciously giving your power away, and not taking responsibility for what we are energizing and attracting to us. This is a great aspect for actualizing our own power again.

I find that my own moods will reflect these planetary transits, and this one is where I've been for the past day or so. Looking at how my life has been affected by past circumstances, and how I can look at it differently and change how it plays out in the future. These are subtle shifts, and not always seen or noticed, though they happen under the surface and will manifest themselves later on. Like the acorns that we can't see right now, that have the potential to eventually grow into new oak trees!

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