Saturday, May 19, 2007

an excercise...

I've been listening to Snow Patrol's Eyes Open album. I'm quite enjoying it. There's a subtlety to the album as a whole that I didn't expect from the songs I've heard on the radio. Set the Fire to the Third Bar became a favorite of mine, Martha Wainwright's voice juxtaposed with Gary's is so compelling. So, I was watching stuff on YouTube and came across the video and put it up on my blog in the last post. Now, after watching it a few times, I'm realizing that I don't hear the same nuances and subtleties that I do when I just listen. I think the video is well done, but the imagery changes the emotional overtones of the song when I listen to it. So...if anyone wants to try this out, play the video, but scroll away from it, or just minimize your browser, and listen without the visuals and tell me if you notice a difference.

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