Monday, May 28, 2007

ferret issues...

Akuma...means 'demon' in Japanese, though there's nothing demonic about this cute little guy. This is my son Michael's ferret, the dark haired one. George's is named Jiyuu, which means 'freedom', and he's blond.

Akuma started losing a lot of his fur about a month ago. Ferrets can moult in the spring and fall and extreme hair loss can be normal, but it started to worry me because I didn't see any new fur growing in. I know that ferrets can get a nasty disease called adrenal disease, and this was a possibility, though he really didn't seem ill in any way. So, I did some internet searching, and found some interesting information. One was that at the age of 3 to 4 years about 75 to 85 percent of ferrets will get this disease! Hair falling out is the obvious symptom. Still, I didn't really get the sense of there being a serious illness, but I didn't really know for sure, so I started preparing myself for the possibility of surgery for the little guy.

It occurred to me also, that the hair falling out had coincided with my giving them regular doses of a tonic that is supposed to be good for the coat and their overall health, so I started searching for information about the possible dangers of that. Well, due to preservatives and Vitamin A, which builds up in the fat cells, it is possible for the ferret to overdose or have an allergy to this treat. Guess what one of the symptoms would falling out! I cut out the treat (Ferretone) completely and gave Akuma some energy treatments.

Reconnective energy fortunately doesn't require that the patient lay still...impossible with ferrets anyway, although animals do feel the energy and will stay within range because they like it. I had used this on a gerbil who had the symptoms of a stroke and couldn't hold herself upright without falling over to one side. She improved quite a lot and was able to stand straight after a few treatments. So, Akuma got three days in a row of Reconnective energy treatments from me, along with the stopping of the Ferretone.

He's growing his hair back!! Yay!

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