Thursday, May 24, 2007

the good things in life...

I find that I keep looking for the 'big stuff' in life. I look for major changes, big happenings, etc., even though I know better. I know that life is lived in the small stuff, the small moment by moment experiences that don't seem very big when they're happening, but that all add up to what life comes to be.

Even what we think of as major happenings are still all made up of little steps. It's not until afterwards that we realize that something has changed, and that we are living our lives in a different way.

Today was a day of really seeing this, though it took me a little while to fully realize what I was seeing. My friend Carter (hi Carter!) was talking about this tonight, and I wasn't wanting to hear it, I think. It's something that I know very well, and yet I've been experiencing an expansiveness in my life, and didn't quite know how to reincorporate this knowing.

I'm realizing that somehow over the past year or two life has been bringing me friendships and interests and skills that are starting to feel like the fabric of my life, where they had just felt like random, unconnected happenings as they were coming into being.

Now, I realize that my evening was full of little gifts, people who have come to be important to me, just being there and talking and sharing. I was aware of it at the time, but I didn't see the bigger picture, like seeing the trees and not the forest.

In living moment by moment, these things can happen. If, let's say, I waited for some big invitation to some kind of gathering and ignored everything else, then I would miss consciously living through these moments that make up the bigger picture of what my life is. I find that I want to focus more on whatever is right in front me in the moment these days, and I find that there is much satisfaction and joy in that. (Like these little moments of ferret synchronicity, above.)

Neptune turned retrograde today. [From our viewpoint,
a retrograde planet appears to be going backwards.]
This brings a lot of things 'down to earth'.
Neptune is a planet of dreams and fogginess, among other things. When Neptune's influence shifts, we get to see what is real and what has been illusion, and that can feel quite depressing. If we look at it in the right way, though, we can see what is truly important to us, beyond what we think we should have or dream of as being best for us. I believe strongly in imagination's power and benefit in our lives, but also know that there is a need to not get too carried away, and to try to see life as it is, not to get pulled into illusory ways of seeing things that bring us too far off of our paths. You can read more about this transit at this link ~ Kim Marie - Forecasts at the entry for May 24th.

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Kateri said...

So interesting about Neptune turning retrograde. It explains a lot... and wow, what a great Dylan video... thank you!