Sunday, May 27, 2007

making coffee...

I've been having so much fun getting to know my new coffee making set.

Carter came through for me on Thursday, with the coffee pot set and some Sumatra from the Spice Corner in South Philly!

The amount of creative control that I have in creating coffee now is wonderful. Such a simple thing like making coffee, and yet I can get really involved in the process. I have three different coffees right now to play with, and I'm experimenting with varying the amount of coffee and the amount of water and making these wonderful, almost syrupy (but in a good way), cups of tasty fun. I also signed up for a coffee newsletter from Cafe Altura, and I'm getting notices of special sales and also recipes. actually sells all kinds of natural, organic goods at great prices, too. The Cafe Altura coffees are there, though you need to buy four pounds at a time. They're vacuum packed, so will keep for a while. I used to get their Biodynamic coffee blend, in my days of studying all things Waldorf and Anthroposophy related...not that you need to know anything about that to enjoy the coffee, just that I found the coffee in Kimberton, PA on my trips to a study group there.

The funny thing about all this coffee stuff is that I find that I don't just go for a mindless cup of coffee now, and so I feel more satisfied with what I have and don't feel that I am getting an overload of caffeine...i.e. I will probably drink less coffee this way, although I don't drink a lot to begin with.

Yesterday I visited my favorite bead store, Reed's Beads in Ambler, and had such a good time just sharing ideas and experiences with Erica, the owner.

I did buy the new issue of Stringing magazine

....and a Green Girl Studios Druid Rock bead,

here's the front...

...and the back...

plus a few little things to help with making jewelry.

I showed her my blog, and she went to the Elvish Name website to convert everyone's name to elvish (see my links at the sidebar), and then we surfed around to some great beading blogs.
We talked about the upcoming bead extravaganza in Milwaukee that she'll be going to, I'd go into total overwhelm if I went there, don't know how people handle all of it. I love bead shows, but I do get visually and energetically overwhelmed, and this one that she's going to is a mega-bead show like nothing that I've ever seen.

I spent the afternoon and evening in and out of the car. I came home and then took off for Panera's to get bagels and two soups in sourdough bread bowls for me and my son Michael. They've become our regular Saturday feast lately. You get to eat the soup infused bowl after the soup is done, mmmmmm. Then I took both sons to an Army and Navy store for an infusion of olive drab, and a new carry-all, in olive green with lots of pockets, for George's laptop and whatever else he needs to carry. He even found a compass like he used to have a long time ago. A nice heavy metal one that feels good to use.

I've been working on one of our ferrets...that's a story for later, but I am happy with his (the guy in the back) healing progress.

And...I'm sitting here freezing my feet off near the A/C vent because it's @ 90 degrees at the end of May!! Time to go warm up.


Carter said...

I think that your next purchase should be a French press - that makes coffee making fun, too!

Kateri said...

So glad you are enjoying the coffee experience! :-) And yep, french presses are great for when you need to make more than one cup!

Cindy said...

Thanks, you two! I guess when the novelty of this one wears off, I'll be wanting that french press :-).