Friday, May 11, 2007

Tiny sculptures...

Cynthia, of Green Girl Studios, has a photo of a castle bead in progress on her
It so much reminded me of a little sculpture that I have, which is here:

There is something so special about these tiny little imaginary worlds. I feel like I can live into it in some sense and it just makes me feel happy to look at them. I can imagine the artist creating it and wonder what he or she was thinking and feeling at the time. It's as though the imagination is imbued in the object and carries itself to whoever can resonate with the resulting creation.

The artist carved their name and Cusco. Peru into the back of the piece. I picked it up in Brooklyn at an indoor flea market when I was a teenager.

It's has been with me through several moves, to Staten Island, back to Brooklyn and on to Horsham. PA and now Abington, PA. Part of it is broken, but it is still magical to me. Such a little thing, made so long ago, and yet I treasure it.

I think it holds the power of what it is to be creative and to live into our imaginations. It's so easy to have that taken away from you when everyday life pulls us into what is 'practical' and 'necessary'...I'm glad I still have these little reminders, and that there are people like Cynthia who keep this alive in the world!


Carter said...

Cindy, I know very much what you mean - it's fun to look at a world in miniature, but even more fun to analyze the power of its creation. Back when I used to fly, I'd look down at the world in miniature and have that same thought on a grander scale. Could never quite reach a conclusion.

Cindy said...

Hey Carter! I love that perspective. Our own world becomes that imaginary miniature paradise from a different level of awareness. It's cool just to play with the possibilities and not ever have to reach a conclusion!

Cynthia Thornton said...

This is a great piece! I can see how my bead is similar. Miniatures have a power to spark the imagination like nothing else - to marvel at the minute! I love looking at small things and imagining how the world would look from that perspective.