Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Venus and Moon...

Were you able to see the crescent moon next to Venus the other day? I wasn't, it was much too cloudy to see anything. I did see them tonight, though. They are farther apart, but around 10 pm I was able to see them clearly, and I thought they still looked just as beautiful as they might have when they were just 1 degree apart. The Moon is now to the left of Venus, and high in the sky while Venus is lower.

has some photos that were taken from around the world. Here is one taken by Cran Lucas of Shreveport, Louisiana:

It seems to happen a lot. I'll get these announcements of something to not miss...and then it rains and I can't see it. I'm glad that this one wasn't just a one time only chance.

Now SpaceWeather says this..."Now the Moon is moving away from Venus en route to another close encounter--with Saturn on May 22nd. Stay tuned!".

Keep looking up!



Kateri said...

I did see the crescent moon with Venus sparkling by its side! What a bright planet she is...

How has the coffee been? :-) That is a wonderful little set you found.

Cindy said...

Hi Kateri,
There's so much to say! I'll email you when I have a chance.
So cool that you saw Venus and the moon! And the coffee pot is on it's way. My friend Carter volunteered to get it, and just emailed me that he picked up some Sumatra to go with it...funny what can happen with this whole blogging experience!