Saturday, June 23, 2007

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Kateri turned me on to this

They send out horoscope reports as well as other tidbits which are very interesting. Here's today's for Sag...

June 23, 2007
Courageous Emergence
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
It is likely that you will spend a great deal of time alone today, even if your usual duties involve working cooperatively with others. You may at first find that your experience in solitude is refreshing and relaxing, and this can inspire you to delve deeper into your self-imposed seclusion. However, after a time, you may begin to feel isolated from your peers, and your already established reservations can make reconnecting with family, friends, and colleagues somewhat difficult. If you remind yourself today that these individuals still care for you, you may find that your reintegration into society transpires more smoothly.

While the time we spend in solitude nourishes our minds and souls in a profound way, a lengthy period spent alone can leave us feeling isolated and reserved. Once this transformation takes place, the notion of returning to the society of our peers can be a frightening one. However, when we are courageous enough to overcome our fears, we discover that we are never truly secluded. Each time we willingly isolate ourselves, we can be sure that there are people who are joyously anticipating the moment of our emergence. This knowledge provides us with the courage and the will to reintegrate ourselves into first the company of the people we care about and then the presence of those who exist outside our sphere of influence. You will no longer feel that your time in solitude has isolated you from others today when you choose bravely to re-enter society at large.

Pretty appropriate for today, as I get ready to leave for NY. I do find that when I spend a length of time alone, it gets more difficult to re-integrate into life as I left it, so that is an interesting horoscope for me.

I also 'pulled' a card from Osho's Zen Tarot...

26. Playfulness

The moment you start seeing life as non-serious, a playfulness, all the burden on your heart disappears. All the fear of death, of life, of love - everything disappears. One starts living with a very light weight or almost no weight. So weightless one becomes, one can fly in the open sky.

Zen's greatest contribution is to give you an alternative to the serious man. The serious man has made the world, the serious man has made all the religions. He has created all the philosophies, all the cultures, all the moralities; everything that exists around you is a creation of the serious man. Zen has dropped out of the serious world. It has created a world of its own which is very playful, full of laughter, where even great masters behave like children.

Osho Nansen: The Point of Departure Chapter 8


Life is rarely as serious as we believe it to be, and when we recognize this fact, it responds by giving us more and more opportunities to play.

The woman in this card is celebrating the joy of being alive, like a butterfly that has emerged from its chrysalis into the promise of the light. She reminds us of the time when we were children, discovering seashells on the beach or building castles in the sand without any concern that the waves might come and wash them away in the next moment. She knows that life is a game, and she's playing the part of a clown right now with no sense of embarrassment or pretense.

When the Page of Fire enters your life, it is a sign that you are ready for the fresh and the new. Something wonderful is just on the horizon, and you have just the right quality of playful innocence and clarity to welcome it with open arms.

Copyright © 2007 Osho International Foundation

Good words for anytime, but especially for me today.

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