Sunday, June 24, 2007


Maybe it seems strange, to drive all that way to Brooklyn, and to turn around and drive back home again, but as I am reflecting on the whole experience now I see that it was really like walking a labyrinth.

Here are some thoughts about that process...

"Your life is a sacred journey. And it is about change, growth, discovery, movement, transformation, continuously expanding your vision of what is possible, stretching your soul, learning to see clearly and deeply, listening to your intuition, taking courageous challenges at every step along the way. You are on the path... exactly where you are meant to be right now... And from here, you can only go forward, shaping your life story into a magnificent tale of triumph, of healing, of courage, of beauty, of wisdom, of power, of dignity, and of love."
Caroline Adams

"People, formal cultures, and traditions have used the spiral and labyrinth designs as a symbol of their search for meaning and guidance. The labyrinth is a "unicursal" or one path design - there are no tricks or decisions to be made - much as the surrender to walking a sacred spiritual path in life - our only decision is to choose spirit/God and surrender to divine guidance. The labyrinth is non-denominational. People of all faiths and people longing to re-connect to faith come to walk labyrinths."

"One walks a labyrinth by stepping into the entrance and putting one foot in front of the other. After traveling through all the paths and windings, the walker comes into the center"... "after a time there, the walker returns out to cover the same path out as in."

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