Tuesday, June 5, 2007

new forms...

Just a little update on the progress of the house across the street, while I try to get myself to focus on doing the year-end paperwork for Pennsylvania's invasive home-education law.

Home-educators in Arizona and New Jersey are respected enough to only have to inform the state of their intent to maintain responsibility for their children's education, while other states have varying degrees of restrictions and requirements in order to 'allow' parents to exercise their rights.

You can see that this is not a task that I wholeheartedly embrace ;-}

I should say that I really have had only good experiences with our school district. They have responded well to my reminders to them of what the law actually requires, and have never given me a hard time. However, our educational focus has gotten more and more organic and creative over the years, and this doesn't mesh very well with 'samples of work' and 'lists of reading materials', although it can be done, and I have been doing it for eleven years!

One theme that I have found with these types of situations, is that people will expect certain things from officials and medical doctors that goes beyond what they are really here to do for us, and that will cause the system to lean more towards restrictiveness than openness, and towards over-prescribing in many ways. I know that there are home-educators in this area who expect the school district to oversee their child's progress and so the officials come to think that this is what they must do for everyone, even though it is not what the law outlines. I have also had a doctor tell me that parents will insist on getting a prescription for medication for their child, just so they feel that they have gotten their money's worth from the visit to the doctor! This has led many doctors away from healing and more towards over-medicating, in my opinion.

About the house...I think it is now the tallest house on this street. At least it is the tallest of those that I can see from my window. Amazing what can be created when someone envisions a new way of being. We do live towards the bottom of a hill, the one where the Battle of Edge Hill was fought during the Revolutionary War...so we 'look up' to this house from our physical perspective.

We'll have to look higher now :-).


kateri said...

I love the entire post, I can relate a bit, but mostly, I love the very last line. You are a wonderful writer!

Cindy said...

I'm sure it's not an easy post for many to relate to, I'm glad that you can. Thanks for the compliment, from such a wonderful writer as yourself, it is much appreciated!