Wednesday, June 20, 2007

of veggies and glass...

I went to Whole Foods Market today, in search of veggies, because they have a banner that says Local Farmer's Market Sunday and Wednesday. I was looking forward to lots and lots of locally grown vegetables, since I'm actually pretty disappointed in what this particular store sells...sorry WFM, but I miss having really fresh organic produce.

So, Mike and I pulled up in the parking lot and saw a few stands over on one side of the lot, and very little green...mostly plants from what I could tell. I didn't really look too closely, because as I was walking past I saw BEADS!! I had to stop for that!

In fact, I had to get Michael some food, go home, get my camera, and hurry back before 7pm and closing time for the Farmer's Market.

I met the most sunshiney, lovely woman, Tari Zarka, who runs an artists' collective and travels all over the country selling beads and art and other good stuff.

I had to slowly take in every single bead before I could find the one that called to me... I just can't take things in quickly, since I realize that it has a lot more to do with energy than visuals, and so I need to wait for that pull that tells me what I want. I saw some really great beads, and then noticed this one that I hadn't seen before, picked it up a couple of times and then found that it wasn't leaving my hand, so I knew it wanted to come home with me.

It was made by Jon Keeling of Southern New Jersey. I couldn't find his work on the website, but here is the site for Aspiring Artists of the Earth
and Harmonyworks Glass
and Tari's own personal site with her wonderful photography, art and poetry. Most amazing to me were these hand-carved wooden beads by Tari. I found them on the AAotE website, not at the stand, though I might have missed them if they were there. I love carved wood and these beads are just what I would love to make if I were to make wooden beads. Tari said something about opening a studio store in her back yard in Dublin, PA, maybe she'll do classes, too, someday, if she ever slows down on her traveling schedule...
Tari also makes glass beads, and if you click on her photo for a close-up you can see her own bead that she's wearing around her neck.

I'm so glad I went there today! I guess I'll still be in search of good veggies, but this was an even better find for me.

The two photos above are of the same bead, taken outside, the colors change in different light. Inside is a swirl of silver, which becomes something entirely different when heated with the glass.

While I was outside photographing this, my cat Tippy came over to join me. I knew he was there without seeing him, because the catbird and wren were having a fit right over my head!...

...and Tippy was sticking quite close to my leg, and waited for an escort back to the safety of my neighbor's covered patio...

and, a little higher up, I managed to get a non-doubled photo of the crescent moon...

AND....I am dedicating this post to Andrew, who has been driving me crazy with his posts of all the wonderful beads and crafts and great events that he's been finding, mostly in Brooklyn where I was born and raised and yet never got to see all the wonderful things that he shows on his blog ;-).


kateri said...

Oh wow! That bead is just breathtaking! It iwll look different on every colour you wear.

Glad you found somehting wonderful, even if the veggies were disappointing!

Andrew Thornton said...

You picked up a lovely piece. I'm glad that you were able to enjoy the trip to Whole Foods and find a bead vendor there. I can understand wanting really fresh organic foods and having a hard time finding them. But then again, I have a Green Market in Union Square every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. With fresh produce in tow, many of the farmers come directly from their farms with dirt under their nails. They don't even spare a moment to wash their hands to deliver the fruits of their labor from field to stand.

Same thing with Asheville and their Farmer's Market, which is open everyday.

Cindy said...

Thanks, you guys. I'm happy with this bead, and I can just string it on leather and it'll look great. She had some other more pricey beads that were really cool, too. Local artists as well as artists like Bryan Kitson from New Mexico.
Quite a mix of talents.

The veggies at this store are so disappointing, I really need to find a better place just for that. Andrew, you're probably the only person who could make me miss Brooklyn, and for the vegetables, even ;-) and Asheville must be wonderful, too. We used to be a part of a CSA (community supported agriculture) farm where we could go once a week and pick up biodynamically grown organics in season. That was easier when I went out to that area for other seems like everything requires some traveling to get really good stuff, or I just have to look a little harder. So much in my life has changed, and I'm in need of re-thinking a lot of things.