Tuesday, June 12, 2007

so much rain today...

I don't know how much rain we actually got today, but it was quite a storm.
The thunder was magnificent!
It rained heavily, and there were two short-lived incidents of hail.
I took a photo of the hail bouncing off of the porch roof...

I took it through the screen, so it's a bit fuzzy looking. If you click on the photo you can see it larger, and you can see the bouncing motion of the hail...pretty neat.

George went to the back of our yard to check the drainage trough that runs alongside the SEPTA tracks and found fast moving muddy water.

He took some photos for me, 'cause I wasn't ready yet to take a walk back there to see it. I did go later, though, the ground was a muddy sponge.

First a photo of the drainage area in relation to the tracks...
and a close-up ...

or two....to show how fast the water was moving.

Exciting huh?

Not really, I know...fun, yes, but not tremendously exciting.

I'm finding lately that all I want to do is observe...not analyze or think too much. It's a good thing, actually, a way of decompressing and coming back to myself. I feel as though I've been trying too hard for so long to do too many things. When I just let go and allow myself to just 'be' I can find what is truly important to me, and what is just stuff that my mind tells me needs to be done, though it all turns out to not be that important. In fact, if something is truly important, and really needs to be taken care of, it makes itself pretty obvious to me and then it gets done.

I've been taking a 'flower' essence that is actually an environmental essence. It is called Antarctic Essence, and, yes, it was actually created in Antarctica by Ian White who has created a wonderful line of deeply healing flower essences called the Australian Bush Flower Essences. He took a trip with his family to the Antarctic, and he tells the story here on his website. It has the effect of getting a person in touch with their core essence, and shows them what is truly necessary in their life. I guess this is what I have been doing, and it is wonderful.
I've been getting these great insights about what I really want to do when I grow up ;-).

Oh...okay...maybe I can do them now :-).

I used to do children's portrait photography. I loved to connect with the children and be a part of their world for a short time. Now I am realizing that as a person with her Sun in Sagittarius, I would love to do portraits of children born recently, since around 1995 and on into 2008 (corrected from my earlier estimate of 2000+), who have the energy of Sag activated by the planet (yes, I think it's still a planet) Pluto. I would want to emphasize what that energy represents to me, so that is something to work on, though it's something that should come quite naturally to me as well.

Another thing that has been pulling at me is jewelry making. I'd like to make one of a kind pieces that reflect nature and the work of individual artists. I've been finding it easier, lately, to get ideas and pull different elements together.

In addition, I will do astrology readings and flower essence consultations...

Why should I have to choose just one or two things? ;-) I've never been very good at that anyway...and I don't see it changing either, so I will just have to learn good time management principles!

I'll have to see how this all goes...I've been taking this essence for 5 days now, and Ian recommends that it be taken for two weeks at a time, so there'll be more to discover, I'm sure.


kateri said...

ah... another jack of all trades! I love it that you are finding so many ways to use your intuition and talents. A renaissance woman! Good for you. I am fascinated by the flower essences... I want to leanr more. Will read the Antartic website soon!

Cindy said...

So nice to be appreciated :-)
I think I've tried to find that 'one' thing that I do best for so long...finally realizing it'll never happen! Ian's Antarctic story is great, and he's got all the other essences on the site. I'll probably need to write a good intro to what flower essences are at some point.