Tuesday, June 26, 2007

somerset studio...

I picked up this gorgeous issue of the Somerset Studio magazine, yesterday, while I was shopping for George's birthday presents. I've only had the energy to scan through it a few times, but it is full of nature artwork, and it's theme is Nature Preserved. I can't wait to have the time to just sit with it and absorb and try out a few ideas.

There's also a notice in it about a call for photographic journal submissions.
"Life Images will feature the very best of your most artistic, emotionally moving, or expressive photos along with a few of your words. These photos should be of people, places and things important in your life, whether for a fleeting moment or a lifetime. We are interested in your journal entry that would accompany these photos – whether it be a short story, comment, explanation or poem. "
The link is here
The link gives a different deadline for submissions than the magazine...so I don't know which is correct. The magazine shows it as a single publication, Life Images, with a deadline of August 15th 2007 for entries, and the link has quarterly deadlines as though it will be a regular magazine.


kateri said...

I have been enjoying this magazine, too! Isn't it great? So inspiring! PLUS, our dear Misty has an article in this issue. I am looking forward to seeing it.

Cindy said...

I've gotten to where I find myself looking forward to this magazine every two months...I start to feel like I'm missing something and then realize that it's time for the next issue!
It's always great to see Misty's articles...I love how the blogging world has made artists so much more accessible...rather than just seeing their work and a few words about them, we all get to be connected in a much more personal way.