Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer Solstice Celebration

I have no idea if this is something that I would even want to go to...but I love the idea of an all night music and food extravaganza. This caught my attention while looking through the Philadelphia Weekly newspaper last night.

Actually, deciding to go to something like this involves so many other people. I think if it didn't I would just go to see what it was all about ;-), and I might still do that!

George's birthday is Monday...he'll be 19! and he's quite a homebody with his Cancer Sun. I've been trying to get him to think of somewhere that he'd like to go, maybe back to his birthplace in Brooklyn...it's been years since we've been there! and I think 19 is a good age for revisiting your birthplace as the moon's nodes return to where they were at your birth around that time. Michael didn't like the idea of the concert...he's still irritated that we went to a Yanni concert a few years ago while there was a monster truck exposition at the stadium next door ;-), though I do think he enjoyed the concert.

I think my Cancer moon pulls me to check in with everyone else, and then my Sagittarius Sun tells me to just take off by myself ;-). Oh, and then my Piscean intuitiveness says, wait and see what the Universe leads you to...(it's a veritable soap opera in there)...and then Libra rising says, hmmm, what are all the other options...

Anyway, check this out, it looks pretty cool.

Click on the photo to go to the website...I didn't even know I could make a photo into a link, but I did ;-).

Summer Solstice Celebration
Saturday, June 23 - Sunday, June 24
3pm - Dawn | All Kimmel Center Venues

Buy tickets online!
$10, adults; $5 children under 12

"Keeping their tough promise to bring the noise, the funk and a slew of musical diversity, the Kimmel Center makes good with the ... Summer Solstice Celebration." (City Paper)

The Summer Solstice Celebration sizzles with an all day and all night musical extravaganza! Family friendly performances are followed by a mix of classical, blues, gospel, R&B, jazz, folk, dance, Latin, world music, and more. Music and events are drawn from the deep resources of the Philadelphia talent pool. In addition to the scheduled performances, visitors can enjoy games, exercises, jugglers, chair massages, face-painting and more!

The Kimmel Center's award-winning caterers Restaurant Associates will have food stations set up throughout the building, including a special barbeque on the Cadence Restaurant terrace featuring Grilled Tuna with Summer Salad and Crab Cake with Mango Salad from 3pm - midnight!

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