Friday, June 1, 2007

Yellow Blue Moon...

Yes, it was actually yellow as I saw it Thursday night! I thought that was a sweet turn of events...that there actually was a color, yet not the color of the symbolic title of the second full moon in a calendar month. I wish I had a photo, but I saw it when I was out driving to Blockbuster and then to the supermarket. By the time I had my camera in hand, it had gotten so cloudy that the moon was nowhere to be seen. Later there were thunderstorms and a great downpouring of rain...a very dramatic full moon night overall.

For me, I found much inner understanding of old patterns that have plagued my life for a long, long time. I've been working on these patterns for a long time, so this wasn't an overnight shift, but the experiences that I had showed me a new way of being that I feel was brought to light in the glow of the full moon.

Also, I had the most amazing experience that just about everyone who crossed my path said hello! I spent several hours at our Aikido dojo, and the other dojo that 'lives' upstairs had a very busy night with lots of parents and children coming and going as part of the coming summer camp sign-ups. Somehow, whether I was standing around inside or sitting outside on the steps with a book, almost everyone greeted me in some way, as though this had become the new normal way of being. When we left for the night, and passed through the gatekeeper's realm, he even shouted out the door for me to have a good night and drive carefully! What a lovely world it would be if this should become the norm.

Earlier in the day, I found much symbolism offered to me by the neighbor's renovating of their home. I took photos of this newly 'opened' house in the early morning when I couldn't sleep...

This is a two story house, though from what I have been told by my sons who have been upstairs, the second floor was never made to any livable specifications. It looked like a livable space, with windows and all, but wasn't tall enough for anyone to stand up in, and the peak of the roof ran straight across from the two ends that you can see. So, the work crew has removed all but the end supports, and now they are building a new story that is taller than before with straight sides. The symbolism, for me, is that of letting in air and light and new awarenesses, and also of a new form, a new way of being for this house and for its occupants.

But, in addition to that, there was a mirror that was put out with the garbage, that I assume had lived in this upstairs space for many years. It was round, like the full moon, with a border of some sort, as I could make out from my vantage point on my side of the street. I told myself that it might turn out to be a table top, or just not at all what it looked like, and maybe I just didn't need to pick up one more discarded thing, so I left it alone. In the early morning, though, after taking photographs, I decided I might as well take a closer look before the sanitation crew came through. It looked quite old, somewhat coming apart at the back, but otherwise in good shape. It's got a scalloped edge, with eight points and eight curves in between, giving it the appearance of a full moon contained within a sun. And, at the border between the two, there are eight stars, each with eight points! My house number is 808! Guess who now has a lovely mirror sitting on her back porch waiting to be cleaned and brought inside ;-).

Here's a photo of it that I separated out from one of my photos of the house, so you can see where it was propped up with the garbage, and you see it through the split rail fence that runs down the middle of our street.

I was reflecting on the various owners who had lived in this house since we had moved in to ours, almost 15 years ago. I figured that this mirror had been there since before the two young couples that have recently lived in it, and then I remembered that when we first moved here there was an older couple who I rarely saw. The only occasion that I remember seeing them on was when they performed their window cleaning 'ritual'...they did this together, he would go outside and clean the outer glass while she could be seen on the inside of the house cleaning the inner glass. It was so amazing to me to coordinated they were and dedicated to their shared task. It doesn't seem too implausible to imagine that this mirror was cared for by them and lovingly cleaned as a part of their rounds of the house. It's gives me a nice feeling that this mirror might have been so cared for, and now graces my life. It will remind me of that sense of connectedness that we all have to each other, as well as to the Sun, Moon and stars, and to this particular blue yellow moon!


Kateri said...

How insightful about the events of of the blue moon day, for you...mirrors are SO rich in symbolism, hey? and the 8 points... I would like to know more about the number 8.

Thanks for sharing!

Cindy said...

Thanks, Kateri.
Good idea for another post...the number 8 and numbers in general. Mirrors, too. That symbol has been cropping up a lot lately. Thanks for the suggestions!