Thursday, July 12, 2007

aikido women...

There was not one single woman in any of yesterday's photos! That is not there are many women in our dojo, including the one behind the camera....but last night the two ladies that I would have photographed were nowhere to be seen. I caught them tonight...they don't stand still for very long, but here they are...Claire is on the left...Cathy on the right. They are both such a pleasure to hang around with...bright and bubbly, especially when they get together, and lots of fun to talk to about just about anything. Claire is home-educated and lives in takes her mom or dad about the same amount of time to drive over the river and through Philadelphia to get to the dojo, as it does for me to drive in from just north of Philly. In fact, I think it actually takes less time for them when there's no traffic.
Cathy is the uchi-deshi of the dojo...she lives there and apprentices to Cecelia Sensei who is the chief instructor, and both are very good friends of my boys and me.

Happily, our last day of the three day aikido marathon is over. Also, George finally has the required amount of classes that he needed to have in order to be able to test next Saturday. He was pretty much on schedule until earlier this year when he broke his arm sledding in the very last snow/ice storm of the year. That kept him off the mat for about four weeks or so, and he had to be sure to get in three classes a week to keep on we can breathe a little easier knowing that he's made the quota of classes that he needed.

Michael finally did get his own Deviant Art account. He is doing some great work with making fractal art. I think he's only uploaded one so far, but is working on new ones and will be showing more of them very soon. He's got quite an eye for picking out patterns in the fractals and knowing where to zoom in to get some great designs.

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