Monday, July 23, 2007

the Beech tree...

In my post 'firsts' I wrote about my experience at the Aikido camp party, and of feeling the need to re-center myself, and going outside to commune with a wonderful tree. I did some research online and determined that the tree probably was a Beech tree. Beech is one of the flower essences that Dr. Edward Bach discovered and it is one of the essences that I have worked with for the past 9 years. I have also been following the movement of the moon through the filter of the I Ching hexagrams, and I am realizing a profound connection between these ideas and the night of the party. Here is what I wrote in 'firsts' about the tree:

"This was the kind of tree that you could just climb into and feel held in the arms of the Universe! I think I needed that little interlude to re-center myself as an integral part of the Earth and the Universe. The party was starting to feel very shallow and empty to me, lots of people, not really connecting with each other, just kind of rubbing elbows with each other, which is what parties tend to be, I think."

Here are some excerpts from the books that I use about the Beech flower essence and the hexagram that the moon was moving through at the time.

on Beech....

For those who feel the need to see more good and beauty in all that surrounds them. And, though much appears to be wrong, to have the ability to see the good growing within. So as to be able to be more tolerant, lenient and understanding of the different way each individual and all things are working to their own final perfection.

Twelve Healers 1936-Dr. Edward Bach is essential to know that in the final instance we are all only reflections of mutual projections. Therefore we should not project our own negative apprehensions and defense mechanisms onto other people, but rather try to look within ourselves for the positive projections of others. Instead of feeling cut off, one will then have a feeling of unity, a fellowship of souls and harmony; and this is what a person in the negative Beech state is at heart looking for, despite outward critical attitudes. Becoming aware of this feeling of unity within one, will make the outside world seem suddenly to be more harmonious. Little things will cease to irritate, because we will be more and more able to recognize the unity that lies in variety.

The Beech Flower Remedy helps us to re-establish contact with our Self and with Unity.

-Bach Flower Therapy...Mechthild Scheffer

on Hexagram 50-The Cauldron

(Acceptance of one's fate, and of being guided.)
...This hexagram calls for sacrificing that which is of the highest 'earthly value'-the feeling that we are in command and we have the ability and right to guide ourselves. The fact is, we are not in command. Growing older, or being pinned down by an adverse fate, makes us aware of this. The idea of such power over self is only an illusion created by our ego. To sacrifice this illusion is also to sacrifice the ego. Simply by relinquishing this pretense we allow ourselves to be guided (and protected) by the Higher Power. Nothing else is required, for the sacrifice of the ego automatically empowers the Creative (Higher Power) to act beneficially in our lives.

-A Guide to the I Ching-Carol K. Anthony

Beech again...

When you find yourself using harsh words to create boundaries for yourself, the cause is often having too loose a connection to the physical body. Using Beech flower essence brings you into the body and gives you a feeling of rootedness that grounds and supports your real nature. When you feel secure again, it is natural to experience the beauty of others and the world.

-Floral Acupuncture-Deborah Craydon and Warren Bellows

The experience of feeling 'cut off' from others that I had that night was fairly mild, and I only needed a short time in contact with this tree to re-establish my sense of Self. The change that I felt afterwards was quite profound, though, and I believe that it had a lot to do with this tree. It is so fascinating that I simply was drawn to this particular tree and did not realize what it was at the time or why I might have needed it.

I have taken this essence in the past, and will definitely be taking more of it now... One of the indications for this is that it is for a person who has received a lot of criticism in childhood and this very much fits the life that I had as a child, and also the one that carried over into my marriage. I have also mentioned my own Human Design chart, and the fact that Hexagram 18 plays a large part in it...18 is a hexagram that focuses on correcting what is I would also relate the Beech essence to this hexagram. When we get continual messages and experiences that follow a particular pattern, we are usually projecting what is inside of us onto our environment. We don't have much choice in this, it is what we are born with, and what we come into our lives to heal within ourselves. Becoming aware of these patterns is so difficult, and yet it is the only way that our lives can truly heal, and the only way that we can ever help anyone else to heal...unless we do so by providing a negative example...something that I strive not to do...but don't we all do some of each end of that spectrum?

Another connection..hexagram 50 is in the sign of Libra in the Human Design System...Libra is ruled by Venus....and in Floral Acupuncture we read...'Known as a planetary tree of Venus, lovers often carve their initials in it's soft, vulnerable bark.' Hexagram 18 is also in Libra...and where my Ascendant is, in fact my ASC is not only in Libra, but in Hexagram 18!

Remember what I excerpted from Floral Acupuncture? 'Using Beech flower essence brings you into the body and gives you a feeling of rootedness that grounds and supports your real nature.'
Well, looking for another photo to put in here, I was reminded that as I walked away from the tree, I took off my sandals and walked across the dew-wet grass back to the road....


PixieDust said...

Your spirituality always overwhelms me. That you are so in tune, that you actually listen to the earth around you is so beautiful.
Harsh words... sad that sometimes they will just not go away...
Thankfully, a beautiful, intelligent woman (as you most definitely are) can hear the loveliness as well.

Cindy said...

Thank you pixie...
my natal Sun is in the I Ching hexagram 5...attunement to natural's been quite a challenge to find balance in nice to hear your appreciation...your words are very heart-warming and uplifting to me.