Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Carter's new belt is, at least.

Here he is after a workout after a marathon of a day, having taken his brother to the airport at 4 AM for his new life in Mongolia.

Then he stayed for another hour or so, to help break down the mats and load them onto a truck to go to Villanova University for this weekend's summer camp event.

The whole process went very smoothly and fairly quickly. All the foam mats under the canvas have to be tightly rolled and strapped and loaded onto a U-Haul truck. There are two layers of foam mats here, and then more in the garage, some 20 + rolls of thick foam, plus weapons, etc. It's a fun time, though. I think anytime you get a great group of people together all working for a mutually desired result, there's just a nice energy in the air.

I forgot that my marathon of last week was not to be the last one. I didn't factor in tonight's mat rolling, and tomorrow's trip to Villanova to observe and get a feel for what class will be like on Saturday. George and Mike collected lots of 'luck' for Saturday from those who will not be attending, as well.

Cecelia Sensei had a student in her class that she hadn't seen in 20 years! I didn't catch where he was visiting from, though, but just a little after she made the introduction to the class, another man walked through the front door, asking what the name of the sensei here was...I tend to look like I work there, so I greeted him and found out that he used to study with her in 1999. He had been through a transformative 8 years, and I could literally feel the energy radiating from him...he felt to me like he had come was a very interesting and nice experience for me. Cecelia had picked up on his energy as well, and commented on how spirited he was after such a difficult time. I love these encounters....unexpected and very pleasant, and I learn more and more about what I am able to pick up from people when I am in their energy field. It's no wonder that I can sometimes just feel exhausted after being in a group of people, especially if the energetics are chaotic or very negative. I think that's why I like going to the dojo so much...lots of good, uplifting energy!


Carter said...

Oh Wow! That's a big picture of me in your journal!

Cindy said...

Too shocking?