Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the moon today...

The moon has been moving from Cancer and the 62nd hexagram in it's new phase, through Leo and hexagrams 56, 31, 33, 7, 4, and 29, and now into Virgo, including a brief conjunction with Venus in hexagram 59 line 2...Shyness...self-imposed barriers.

From Kim Marie:

Venus enters Virgo on July 14 as well for a brief stay over the next two weeks. Venus is beginning to slow down for its retrograde cycle, starting July 27 at 2/3 degrees Virgo. There are adjustments to be made in love – signified by both Venus turning retrograde and its passage through Virgo. Somehow egoic forms of love (Leo) have been running the show and there are now changes needed.
When Venus in Virgo is insecure it can only see what is wrong or missing outside of self. Venus in Virgo becomes self-critical and projects it on to others. When Venus in Virgo is working towards self-reliance, it can see the next lesson and take the steps to get there. Healthy Virgo is striving to be gentle and loving in the process of improvement.

The moon travels through three hexagrams today.

29...The Abysmal...The deep within the deep. Persistence despite difficulties has its inevitable rewards.

'Whether we are trapped in an emotional abyss of despair, or in an abysmal situation, this hexagram counsels us to 'keep still,' for any effort to change the situation only makes it worse. "

59...Dispersion...The ability to break down barriers to achieve union.
(Dissolve all hardening feelings.)
"It is important to disperse or dissolve doubt, hurt feelings, or anger, and to return to an unstructured, innocent, and independent attitude."

40...Deliverance...The point of transition between struggle and liberation.

"Receiving the hexagram...either means that the situation is changing for the better and that we need to 'keep still within'...or that we should contemplate any changes we need to make in our attitude to bring about deliverance.

And, tomorrow starts with 64...Before Completion...Transition, like birth, requires a determined strength for the passage through, and on into 47, 6, 46, and onward...through Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and finally into Aquarius at the Full Moon...but of course, it doesn't ever stop, does it?

The moon is not our only influence, but it is the closest planetary body to earth, and therefore exerts a continual, ever-changing influence on our emotional body. After all the writing about the movement from new moon to full moon, I thought I'd give a little indication of what is happening in between those two points.

*note...when the book that I am quoting from says that you are 'receiving' the hexagram, it is actually referring to the activity of tossing coins to determine a hexagram as an answer to a question or issue in your life...so it is not worded to indicate the movement of the planets, which is what I am using it for.

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