Tuesday, July 3, 2007

more of yesterday's photos...

One more Echinacea photo (or Purple Coneflower). They are underneath my neighbor's deck, and there is a lot of light colored concrete around, so I think the combination of that with the diffused lighting brings out these soft colors...and the spiky unfurled petals are captivating.

This one to the left is of a tree that grows right alongside the railroad tracks that are behind my house. Every so often the tree trimmers come through and do a very thorough 'trimming' of these trees. It is quite drastic, as they take off all the limbs that are on the side of the tree that faces the tracks, and I was bothered by this last fall, but it's their right to do so... So, yesterday, I was walking near to the tracks and noticed this lush growth of oak leaves...I was amazed at how thickly packed they are on the tree, and wowed by nature's capacity for regrowth and regeneration!

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