Tuesday, July 17, 2007

new moon...

The New Moon is a time for new beginnings...we get to go through this cycle every month on a regular basis, so I am not talking about starting life over or anything, but the beginning of a new cycle, a new way of looking at things, etc. The position of the Sun and Moon at the time of their conjunction (which is why the Moon is dark at that time, the Sun lights up the side that we can't see), sets the tone for the next 14 days leading up to the Full Moon.

Here's what Kim Marie has to say about this month's new moon:
The New Moon of Cancer is July 14 at 21/22 degrees. This is the annual time for new emotional beginnings based upon taking care of our selves in some new way. Emotional self-reliance means we are completely responsible for all of our emotional needs regardless of our personal situation. We can have the best lover in the world, be completely alone, or be in the midst of some type of dysfunctional relationship situation and we are each still completely responsible for our own emotional needs.

When we get this emotional self-responsibility lesson then projections upon others are minimized. We can give and receive love with everyone getting their needs met. This New Moon is a time to begin new cycles of loving your self. May you be most successful.

The Human Design System uses the hexagrams of the ancient Chinese system of the I'Ching to pinpoint the influences that the planets activate in our lives. This new moon was in the degree of the zodiac wheel that corresponds to hexagram 62, line 2. The Rave I'Ching book by Ra Uru Hu gives this information...

62...Preponderance of the Small...Caution, patience and detail produce excellence out of limitation.

Line 2...Restraint...The innate restrictiveness and discipline to comply with and exalt restraint. (Saturn exalted).

...The intellect stymied by severe restraints tends to anxiety and restlessness. (Mercury in detriment).

Those indications are quite cryptic, but sometimes help to understand what we may be experiencing from a particular influence.

I like Carol K. Anthony's A Guide to the I'Ching for more understanding...

*(Thinking of taking action in distrust of Fate.)
This hexagram deals with our own, or other people's, rigid attitudes. Strong elements such as fear, envy, anger, desire, vindictiveness or obstinacy preponderate, and consequently we feel pressured to act. From the perspective of our ego non-action seems ineffective and unnatural; nevertheless, receiving this hexagram indicates that non-action is required.

We should resist pressures that make us distrust the creative power of the Unknown. We should also beware of attaching ourselves enthusiastically to 'solutions' simply because of this pressure, and we should avoid seeking comprehensive answers.

The answer we need now will be found if we allow ourselves to be led through the small door of the improbable that opens only at the precise moment of need. It helps if we remember that there is always a hidden solution to the problem at hand. Meanwhile we should keep ourselves open and unstructured, remaining calmly in the 'ambiguous spot.' This is possible only if we modestly keep our eyes turned away from the problem.

It is not necessary to venture so far as to trust the Unknown, but it is essential to disperse our distrust of it. Fear causes us to exaggerate the importance of succeeding. We know that the situation is important, and therefore we distrust ourselves and Fate to carry us through. We should resist this fear before it turns into desire and ambition to do something.

Line 2... He does not reach his prince. No blame.
Not 'reaching his prince' means we have not yet received a clear or comprehensive idea of how to proceed; it also means that the situation has not yet developed to the extent that success is possible. We should not be discouraged. We should keep our mind open and unstructured, allowing the way to show itself. Meanwhile, it is an expression of modesty to cease looking anxiously or disappointedly at the situation. We need only do our best, and meet the result with acceptance.

The wording and the focus of the I'Ching is so opposite to what we are accustomed to in our Western world...but just taking this in and allowing it's wisdom to be a guide can be helpful when pressure is on. New beginnings, new moons, are times of pressure in the sense that there is a knowing that something new is happening, and yet it has not reached it's fullness yet. The moon has already moved ahead to other hexagrams, and is leading us through a process that will culminate with the full moon on July 29th in hexagram 41 line 5...
Decrease...(Sacrifice feelings to which we are attached, such as desire, affection, repulsion, negation, alienation, or irritation, for the good of the whole.)
Line 5...Someone does indeed increase him. Our effort to follow the path of the good and the beautiful will lead to success, and to the rescue of those to whom we are tied by inner ties.

According to Ra Uru Hu...line 5 is called Authorization...The external recognition of one's potential despite limitations.

I expect we have an interesting two weeks ahead of us...

**Why do the hexagrams move from 62 to 41, you ask? The numbering is somewhat arbitrary...however the hexagrams themselves are based on a binary system, and they do proceed in an orderly pattern based on 0's and 1's, similar to the system that our computers are based in! So Preponderance of the Small is actually 001-100 and Decrease is 110-001 which correspond to 12 and 49 respectively...

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