Monday, July 23, 2007

putting the dojo back together again...

Today was the day for the mats to be returned to their home and for the mat room to be restored to it's functionality as an aikido classroom. There were only a handful of people there to unload the truck, but it was quite enough and all went smoothly. The people who have regularly done this in the past are no longer able to do so, so it becomes more of a cooperative project than one where one or two people guide the proceedings. It has actually been working out better this way, as a new rhythm and routine is being established in a very communal sort of way. We took notes on how the mats get fitted back together, and George will be creating an instruction sheet, as the previous one was only a diagram that was difficult to understand and it was lost in the shuffle of camp proceedings anyway.

These photos were taken afterwards by a bored mom ;-).... They were having such a good time together that I wanted to allow for as much of it as possible. I did have to get them moving towards the car eventually, and stayed much longer than I thought I would, but I think it was a good time for them all.

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