Monday, July 16, 2007

Simply Your Self™ Daily Report

Eleanor Haspel-Portner's Simply Your Self™ report is available here for this week (July 14th to July 21st.)

Consider for the week: Integrating action and its consequences into your Self allows time for consolidation and self-affirmation. Take time this week to refresh your perspective and take new opportunities for orchestrating your future. Be courageous.
Be honest with your Self. Show yourself the love you wish others to show you. Set your own example. Love others as you wish them to love you.

We've started this week with a new moon in the I Ching hexagram of 62...line 2...
Preponderance of the Small...Restraint.

I'm finding this to be a deeply transformative week so far...and anyone who is wanting to follow their inner process more closely may want to check out Eleanor's report. If I can, I will expand somewhat on the meaning of the new moon, but for now I want to make this available.

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