Monday, July 9, 2007

sleepy tribute to verizon ;-)...

...really! I get to bed really late these days, and Verizon was supposed to show up anytime between 8 am and 7 pm, so that made it doubly hard to sleep.

Everytime we have a thunderstorm, even one in the far distance that we can't even hear, our internet connection goes out. I've heard that this is somewhat to be expected, so just dealt with it, but my son was told that we should call Verizon and have them check it out. I called on Thursday night, went through a long phone call of turning off this, and unplugging that, and finally was told that they would have to send someone today.

Well, Verizon called at 9 am, the tech showed up before noon...turned out to be a childhood buddy of the previous owner of the house across the street, just funny how that happens...he was happy with the renovations, knowing that Bob wanted to do the same thing when he and his wife lived here. Anyway, he replaced and rewired the box inside the house that was probably the original box from initial installation of phone wiring, who knows when. Then went up in a bucket at the pole, dumped dead bees (or wasps) and live ants out of the switching box, fixed a corroded wire, removed an unnecessary one that was draining the signal, and pumped up our signal from 1100+ (bps?) to 1700+!

So, now Michael is looking forward to the next storm to check it out!


Carter said...

I found the guy that Verizon sent to me to be really competent and friendly - very nice customer service. Glad to hear that things appear to be repaired - or at least better! Perhaps I'll be back to gaming soon ;-)

Cindy said...

Same here. He told me that Verizon is doing everything that they can, even inside wiring that they'd normally charge for, so that people will stay with dsl...and they're hoping that when FIOS is available they'll hook up with that, too.
Will you be practicing tomorrow...getting ready for your test?