Tuesday, July 24, 2007

so ordinary...

...sung by the anything-but-ordinary Paula Cole...
I find this so fascinating and paradoxical...none of us is ordinary...knowing astrology and the Human Design System, I know that we are each like snowflakes..no two alike, and yet how often do people not really see us, and dismiss us as 'ordinary'? How often do we not really see ourselves, and think that others are more exciting and intriguing than we are. I think the dilemma is more about how two people connect (or don't) with each other, we are not all equipped to see each and every person as they are...and so why do we tend to attach ourselves to those people who can't really see us properly...and then try to find ways for them to notice us? Many times the other person is just in a space in their lives where they can't see all that is happening around them, and it is not a matter of ignoring so much as it is a matter of inability to see and comprehend.

Quite a large subject, but everytime I watch this video it makes me think and wonder...the juxtaposition of unusual looking people with Paula Cole's beautiful, un-ordinary face, and later the more 'ordinary' looking relationships between people...something that seems to equalize and balance everything out eventually...it keeps me guessing at all the meanings in the video...(the lyrics follow)

p.s. Paula Cole has her moon in Cancer...one who nurtures...and then can feel passed over when the caring and nurturing is not noticed or appreciated...

I nearly died I suicided softly
I saw her shadow through the cafe window
I watched you lean across the table
I watched you whisper in her ear

And she is your holy Mary
And I am so ordinary
And you can use me if you want to
I know you need me just like an old soft shoe

She looks like me but a bit prettier
She's a skater and a ballet dancer
I saw her on your motorcycle
In the seat I thought was meant for me


And when your mother came to Boston you disappeared
And then I saw you three together
I guess she makes the best impression
With her charming femininity...


Oh but I am the one you will call when alone
And I am the one who will give when she's gone
And so I give
So I give

I tell myself that love is truly giving
Somehow I justify this
Hoping you will understand me
Hoping you will love me back

And she is your holy Mary
And I am so ordinary
And she is your Queen Cleopatra
And I'm just your morning after
And she is your Star Spangled Banner
And I am just Frere Jaque
And you can lose me if you want to

And I am so ordinary

...and where she's been and where she is now...
there's a longer, better version of this here click on MUSIC on the upper right after you enter the site and then Where has Paula Cole been? at the bottom.

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