Friday, July 20, 2007

some photos from my walk today...

I'm so glad to be able to open the windows today! What gorgeous weather after all that heat and humidity. It will be wonderful if it stays this way for tomorrow, as the gym where my sons are testing is not air-conditioned (the first year we went, the room was much larger and a/c'd) and last night people were just dripping with sweat.

I had a nice walk behind my house, in the cemetery/park/woods that we are blessed with. I had stopped because I saw a black and white cat stalking a mouse, and then realized that just behind it was a deer. So I waited for the two people who were walking up behind me with their dog, to let them see the deer, who was somewhat hidden among the bushes. While we watched, the cat caught the mouse and ran with it, the deer panicked and bolted, making sounds I'd never heard from a deer before. And so, my new acquaintances and I walked until our paths separated, and I found out that they are related to people who live just across the street from me and one house over. We had a lovely, comfortable conversation, mostly about how wonderful a place we all have for walking in the middle of a very populated area, as well as all the animals we had each been treated to seeing. I also noticed lots of blackberry bushes, and even had a ripe one before I started my walk. I'll have to go back and collect some when they're all ripe.

You can spot the moon in the photo above, in the upper left. The clouds were putting on quite a display today.

This next photo, a bit 'muddy' but I like the sun shining through the cemetery.

Looking forward to tomorrow, and seeing my boys take their test!


kateri said...

Good luck to your boys manana! can't wait to hear and see your stealthy photos of "aikido mom" espionage!

I love hazy misty photos. :-)

And why o why do you keep running into deer?

Cindy said...

Oooh...and when I got back over the tracks to my backyard, I felt like I needed to look around for deer for some reason, and then heard a noise behind me...there was a deer heading back towards the woods...I guess I startled it...why deer?...who knows...and the people that I met had a black lab...I had one as a soft and sweet...she was a mix and smaller than a typical lab and I felt that I needed to remember her today, too.

Luckily, not only am I allowed to photograph the test, but it will also be on video...maybe I can find someone to convert it to Quicktime or something and get it up here somehow. I'm so glad that we're not having the nervousness that I expected...they're both very confident and calm. Thanks for the luck, they're collecting as much as they can get, too.

I love haze and mist, too..not sure where this one fits on the spectrum, but it's not too bad ;-)

PixieDust said...

I love the effect the last photo had on me. It took a while for my eyes to adjust and see the trees, then make out the leaves. As if I were waking from a dream.
As always beautiful.
Much luck and good wishes to your boys.

Cindy said...

Thanks pixiedust...that's a neat experience of the photo...pretty cool to see it that way!