Tuesday, July 3, 2007

very close encounters...

There's been a lot of talk of deer, lately. I understand that what you focus on brings more of it into your life. Sometimes it happens so quickly that it's obvious, and sometimes it's hard to see what you are really focusing on and to try to change that for something better, if you seem to keep bringing difficulties into your life.

But, here, the physical manifestation of all the thoughts of deer....at least it feels that way to me....

George had gone outside to practice some kicking moves in the backyard among the trees. He's been learning different martial arts moves and combining them into his own version of them. The deer was in the next yard, but George wasn't looking there, until he heard the deer go running for cover.

It didn't run far, though, and turned out to be as curious about us as we were about it.

George took the first two photos, after running into the house to grab the camera that was just barely out of power.

Then he came in to tell Michael and me about the deer and we all went out to hang out with this little one. It actually started to walk towards us a few times, very curious and friendly, but not being used to such encounters, we backed off a bit at that. I'm sure it would have been an amazing encounter, but in part, I don't like the idea of the deer getting comfortable with humans to the extent that it might not have fear when it really needs it.

This last photo was taken by Michael when the deer had gone over the tracks and into the cover of the trees, still wondering what kind of creature we might be, and sniffing our scent and coming close a few times.

Here's what I had found about deer medicine after Kateri had written on her blog about deer and I had put some of this in her comment box.

Deer medicine teaches us to use the power of gentleness to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are trying to keep us at bay. Deer has the gentleness of spirit that heals all wounds. Deer does not push to get others to change, Deer loves them as they are. Deer folks apply gentleness to a situation and become like the summer breeze: warm and caring.

Deer folk carry the message of purity of purpose; of walking in the light to dispel shadows. They know the work that they must do, and go about that work with no fanfare and no need for personal glory or recognition.

Deer blend well with their environment but are very sensitive to every sound or movement. They are often described as being swift and alert. They are intuitive, often appearing to have well developed, even extra sensory perceptions. Some times their thoughts seem to race ahead, and they appear not to be listening.

There are no shadows about deer; no ulterior motives; no hidden agendas; no lies or misrepresentations, and it is not possible for deer to knowingly hurt anyone or anything. Children sense this about deer people, and are drawn to them. They feel safe and not threatened. Deer works very well with children because of their innocence.

Deer medicine brings beauty and grace to any surrounding. Just as the deer bounds from one place to another, a person with deer medicine often moves quickly from one situation to another, often never staying long enough in one place to get a "full meal".

And, literally the last photo, before my camera said that the battery was 'exhausted', poor thing.

Coming back towards the house, I thought I'd take a photo of the daylillies a day later, to show how they only last for a day...well, these didn't exactly just die...they were eaten! I'm told that deer are just wild for daylillies ;-).


PixieDust said...

What a beautiful gift for your family! You most likely read my post on Kateri's sight regarding my daughter and the deer. It was lovely, no doubt that they surround their environment with beauty and grace. And I'm loving the photos.

kateri said...

I love it. How wonderful and perfect. Where did you find that info on deer medicine? I want to look up the golden butterfly as well, and also daddy long legs, and wood thrushes and tree sparrows.

Cindy said...

I did read that pixiedust...they are such amazingingly gentle animals. I met a much younger one once and felt blessed that it allowed me to be in its presence...it is such a different experience alone and without a camera.
Kateri, I did a search for 'deer medicine', I didn't give a link for it because the same info was on several sites. I did find this today, though, which is pretty comprehensive..www.sayahda.com/cycle.htm
and you could also search for each animal as '... medicine' or '... totem' and see what you get.

kateri said...

I had a recent encounter with a bluebird...

Bluebirds hold the energy of gentleness. They are not aggressive and will avoid confrontation whenever possible. They are patient and observant birds and choose to spend their time enjoying life, however, if a bluebird is provoked it will stand its ground and defend itself. The bluebird teaches us how to move through life with a gentle strength and a patient persistence.

Living ones truth without inflicting it on another person can be a challenging affair. Mankind often feels a need to awaken others with their knowledge. This need can trigger personality disputes causing unnecessary frustration and conflict.

The bluebirds song is one of joy and playfulness. When if flies into your life it serves as a reminder to allow others to grow in their own way and time. Live your personal truth but remember to honor anothers truth. We are all equal in the eyes of the creator. The path a person walks is a personal choice that was created from the soul blueprint. We don't always understand anothers choice but it is imperative that we respect it. Equally so, we must respect ourselves.

tony said...

hi cindy...great photos...looks as though your daylillies made a great salad for the deer...