Friday, July 20, 2007

where is the moon now?...

I thought I might continue my exploration of how the moon might be influencing us these days between the new moon and the full moon. Ever since I started studying the Human Design System and it's connection with the I Ching, I have tried in different ways to understand it experientially. It's easy to just accept the doctrine of a system such as astrology, but no true understanding will come unless one can find the truth of it within oneself. So, I don't have answers as to how this may be affecting anyone, including myself, but I do find that I go through cycles of different ways of seeing things, and sometimes I find that I can understand them better through seeing it through different filters, and this is just one filter that may or may not apply in your life. I like to just play with these possibilities, and not attach a tremendous amount of importance or expectation on it, to just see how it feels within me and within my experiences.

The day starts (and I'm starting just after midnight) with the moon in hexagram 18. Work on What Has Been Spoilt...
This hexagram brings a focus of examining within ourselves what we may have been seeing or doing wrongly. It can bring a lot of self-doubt and questioning, but also provides an opportunity to re-assess situations and thought forms. It is a difficult energy at times.

"...this hexagram tells us that some of the perceptions and beliefs we have been taking for granted are incorrect."

Around noon, the moon moves into hexagram 48...The Well...
From The Rave I Ching...The necessary and qualitative foundation that is a prerequisite to establish the common good.

(Don't remain locked in a conventional view of the way things work.) Carol K. Anthony

"The Well represents the I Ching as a source of universal truth and nourishment, and a way of gaining access through one's deeper nature, to Universal Truth."

"The Well also symbolizes our self-development and education in the fundamental truths of life. The I Ching guides us through the hidden world that parallels and mirrors our external life, a world that may be seen in meditation, and sometimes in dreams. Receiving the hexagram means that we should develop ourselves through making a keener effort to understand the fundamentals of human behavior. Above all we must not remain locked in the conventional views of the way things work."

And last for today, the moon moves into hexagram 57 at around 11 pm. The Gentle...The extraordinary power of clarity.
"Sun (Chinese), the trigram of the second daughter, represents wind that penetrates cracks in buildings, and wood as roots that penetrate soil. Through their ceaseless but gentle energy the wind and roots penetrate the most obdurate objects. Just as roots penetrate the cracks of boulders and break them apart, the influence of the Sage penetrates our subconscious until one day, in a flash of insight, we understand with amazing clarity. This is the step-by-step enlightenment by which spiritual mysteries are penetrated as we progress along our path.'

You may want to refer back to my post on the new moon, to see the overall focus of this period of time, and then try to see how the patterns represented by these hexagrams might fit into this focus, and into your life.

All of these photos were taken yesterday at Villanova University.

Also, these hexagrams, when used in the Human Design System, which is an astrology based system, are all in the zodiac sign of Libra, and all relate to our ability to recognize our intuitive faculties, since when they are transposed into a chakra based body graph, all are in the energy center that relates to intuition and awareness of logical patterns.


Kateri said...

I can't wait to come home from work and read this again and get out my I-Ching book and read more. This is fascinating, and very appropriate and helpful to me. Thank you!

And Cindy, the photos are truly amazing. They tell a story, too.

Love to you...

Cindy said...

Thank you Kateri! I'm glad it's helpful to you. These are some of my favorite hexagrams, in relation to how they work in human design..18 is a big part of my own design chart, and can be a really difficult energy for me, but it leads on to the 'solutions' of 48 and the intuitive clarity of 57, which are essential in understanding life's processes.

Taking the photos was fun...I've been to the camp at Villanova for three years now, and never saw it this way ;-)