Monday, August 6, 2007

of bones and things...

One photo from the cookout yesterday.

Cecelia opened her home and patio to the aikidoka for a mid-summer barbeque. This is one of the three photos that I took ;-)...everyone was relaxing and I didn't feel that a camera clicking away would improve the atmosphere. This one photo, though, tells a story of 'before'. Before the end of the cookout, before I had moved the car and parked again in the middle of the parking lot behind where George is now...before George decided to do a sideways flip sort of thing on the way to the car and fell...on his right arm that you see here...and so before we spent this afternoon in the ER for x-rays and a half-cast for the little bone just below his thumb that he fractured. Hospitals bring back such memories for me, of helplessness with a sick child. Luckily, it gets easier...maybe it's good for me to visit every now and then. George is in pain, but the swelling is going down. He'll definitely be taking a 'break' from aikido (wasn't I the one who wanted that?)...and I won't envy him his cast at this time of year.

The little bone is called the Scaphoid bone. Out of 5 x-ray films, they managed to see a tiny mark that is most likely a fracture. It wouldn't have mattered, we were told, because if there's even the hint of a possibility that this bone is broken, it has to be treated. It is a bone that does not get a good blood supply, and any delay in treatment could cause major difficulties later on. At least we had one or two images that confirmed for us that this was a fracture. Who wants to go through all that time with a cast, on just a possibility that something might be fractured?

On a lighter's two very happy guys in their new cage that was delivered by DHL today. The driver didn't seem too happy, though he was very nice. He had to load it onto a hand truck to get it down the stairs, and suggested that he set it on the floor and push it into the house, as his regulations don't allow him to bring it inside. Then he asked me, 'what's in there!?' It was pretty heavy, and it's a very sturdy, two level ferret proof (escape proof) cage. We've had a very funky set up with a smaller cage surrounded by a pen that took up a lot of space and was hard to keep clean. This is much nicer and they're having a ball going up and down ramps and scratching around. Now, my original idea was that George would be the one putting this together. He just tends to like to do these kinds of things. Not today! But that actually left us with a very enthusiastic Michael, who did put it all together, and who is quite proud of his accomplishment.

And I am feeling numb today. I really didn't like the idea of another broken bone last night, but we've gotten through the hardest on to see the orthopedist and I guess George will spend at least four weeks in a cast, otherwise known as the rest of the summer. Good thing he doesn't like swimming, though he can still go to the beach.

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PixieDust said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! Not fun at all for George, and the worry this must cause you... but I guess we never stop worrying about our little ones anyway, yes?

Your ferrets are adorable! Male & female?

Hope you get a good nights sleep, and all goes well with George's arm...

Sending you both good karma, good thoughts...