Tuesday, August 14, 2007


First, a camera experiment. I saw on someone's blog how they had created a photo by shooting with a digital camera through a view camera. I have an old Kowa Six that was one of my first cameras for portraits, and decided to give it a try. I love the square format of the Kowa, though it is an ungainly, heavy camera with a loud shutter release. I took my Kowa outside and set it on the ground, and my cat, Tippy, walked in front of it for me ;-).

That gave me an idea, and a subject to focus on, especially since he made his way to the grassy 'garden' to munch right in front of me....

It makes for an interesting effect...something to play with in the future.
Today, I drove my sons to the aikido dojo, not for aikido, but to meet friends and be driven to NJ to spend the day at a pool. That was my opportunity to take daytime photos of the lovely sunflower sights that I get to see at this time of year. My sons were shaking their heads as I slowed the car to take the photos...I told them I've gotten to the point where I don't mind looking weird if it means I can get the photo that I want ;-). There were no cars behind me, holding up traffic is a whole different story...not something I would do for a flower photo.

On the way back home, I took some photos of the surrounding area of Mt. Airy, on Germantown Avenue, just around the corner from the sunflower display...so you can see the contrast, and why this abundance of sunny flowers is such a striking sight on my drive to the dojo. These, taken without the shaking heads and disapproving looks of my previous passengers ;-). On the right, those dark lines are trolley tracks, the overhead wires also for the trolley, which still functions on the weekends. Mt. Airy and Germantown are actually very nice walking/shopping areas, with little stores of artisan made goods, baked breads, funky clothes. There's even two bead stores...an amazing fact when there are no other bead stores for miles around, unless you go into Philadelphia, or head out to Ambler to the north east.

Well, on to the rest of my quiet day...no techno music playing, no teamspeak conversations over the internet...I might get to like this...well...I do like it, I might just get used to it!

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PixieDust said...

Looks like a beautiful, quiet town. And, hey! if they even have beads!


Very cool technique with the cameras - can't wait to see more.