Friday, August 10, 2007


It is raining softly now. The temperature has cooled down tremendously. I look forward to opening windows tomorrow, it's supposed to be only in the high 70's, after days and days of mid-summer heat.

If it wasn't already raining, and I didn't check the weather report, I would still know that rain would be here in the morning by this sight....

This little one (or many different little ones at different times) always comes in under the eaves of our back porch when rain is on it's way...such a sweet sight, and so nice that our porch can provide cover in inclement weather.

It always seems as if it's cheating...all the other birds are probably in the trees, yet this one has found a secret sanctuary in it's braveness to be so close to humans.

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kateri said...

Hello sweet Cindy... what a smart little bird! Please send some rain our way... we need it!

Hope you are well today... miss you! This working thing has made me retire before you are even getting started with dinner!