Sunday, September 16, 2007

the energy of the abstract...

I've been reading blog posts written by people who have had recent birthdays this month. Many talk about their inclination towards thinking, while they are also very artistic souls. Since I automatically wonder what these qualities might relate to in a particular person's astrological chart, I start thinking along those lines as I am reading. I tend not to comment about this, as I don't know how open people are to astrology, and certainly I wonder how receptive any one person will be to some stranger coming along and telling them something about themselves, when, truly, I don't really know these people well enough to say anything about them. This inspired me though, to writing this post, as it is very timely with the Virgo energies that we are immersed in at this time of year, as well as with people's wonderings about their own thought processes. So, although it was inspired by reading about particular people's lives and experiences, it is also very general with information that everyone can relate to.

The Human Design System takes the positions of the planets at the time that a person is born, as well as those same planets at a time that is about 3 months before birth and places them into a graph that shows how our energies flow through us. In addition, the Multidimensional Human Design System uses additional times based on both the sun's path and the moon's that show us even deeper levels of ourselves. All of these use the ancient Chinese system of the I Ching to detail what happens within ourselves. The accuracy is absolutely amazing! Yes, it can be very hard to understand and make sense of, all those numbers and graphs...but put into understandable words, the information that can be found there is incredible.

I want to write a little about the abstract, artistic process within all of us. The HD body graph can be divided into different 'circuits' that roughly compare to our understanding of right brain/left brain. Right brain would be comparable to the abstract/emotional circuit, left brain to the logic/pattern recognition circuit. There are a few is 'individual' which is uniquely our own, while the others are easily shared and understood by other people...this one is quite quirky and unique and very valuable in that it can bring to the world what only you can bring. The other two are related to communities....tribal and defense...and are all about what it takes to keep our communities and families together and functioning and surviving. These two do not go through the mental system...they are instinctual and emotional. These are aspects of being human that we all have, yet we are each configured in very unique and special ways depending on the energies that we were born with, as well as what we do with them throughout our lives.

The funny thing is that, a small amount of all of these planetary energies, or activations, are in the head...most of these energies are bodily..intuition, emotion, gut reaction, heart power, etc...and yet, our minds tend to take over most of our energies! The best way to counteract that is to get more into our bodies and emotions...sometimes so difficult if there are bad memories, hurts and disappointments...we'd rather rise above it all and stay in our heads...but then we feel the negative effects of all that thinking and get stuck there.

So, I will start with the head this is where we all seem to have so much trouble. There are three streams of mental energy that the Human Design System describes...whether or not there is more, as I'm sure there is so much more that we can't put down on paper, is outside the realm of what I can describe here. So, just know that I'm not saying that this is all there is to our minds, just that this is what can easily be seen and described through this system.

The Head Center is where all kinds of inspiration streams into our heads. There are three activations possible here...gate 64.. (and all relate to the I Ching hexagrams of the same number) which is the abstract/emotional kind of inspiration; gate 61, which brings the individual, quirky stuff and gate 63 which brings logic in the form of questions and doubts. All these are mental pressures that cause us to want to make sense out of things and find, respectively, clarity and ideas; rationalization and explanation; and answers and opinions.

Starting with gate 64 and our emotional we get all sorts of mental imagery...abstract, emotional bits and pieces of memories that we may not understand at the time where they are all coming from. This can fill our heads with all sorts of pictures that bring us all sorts of emotions that we feel pressured (internally) to understand. It may not feel like 'pressure'...I'm not sure if that's the best word, since we just tend to feel like we have a need to know what all this means, we may relate pressure to outside forces, but this is just our own internal process that causes us to want to know. Gate 64 meets gate 47 in the Ajna Center or the mind....this is where we process all of this 'data' and try to figure it those grey cells of the brain....

Gate 47 relates to 'clarity' finding the light in all the darkness of these confusing images and emotions.....the key to gate 47, though, is that we cannot just 'pull' clarity out of all of this mental has to come to us....we can make ourselves nuts trying to do that...trying to force some kind of sense out of all that goes through our heads. Hexagram 47 is called Oppression/Exhaustion! Better, then, to go out into nature, take a walk, make some art, make music, whatever it is that brings you a sense of peace and fulfillment...and just allow your mind to rest....the clarity will come in time, it cannot be forced..and really this is what we try to do when we are overthinking things. It's not that we shouldn't think...I'm very big on thinking ;-)...but I do get myself into very stuck places because of it....then it's time to let go...let the Universe bring clarity in its own timing.

From about the 10th of September to about the 15th, the Sun has been in this hexagram of clarity....bringing us the possibility of understanding things that we might not normally be able to see and understand. The Sun returns to this place once a year, and anyone born during this time frame, though it may start a day earlier or later and end a day earlier or later in different years, carries this energy of gate 47....of trying to make sense out of all these is important to know this, and to know that clarity comes when you are most relaxed and not looking for it. Also, opposite to this gate is gate 22...Openness...openness to other people, to emotions, to feelings....there is a bit of a key here as well....since whenever gate 47 is activated, gate 22 is also there in some way through where we stand on the earth...i.e. when the Sun is in one place..the earth is in the opposite place in the Universe....if you lie down on the ground and look up at the Sun (though not directly ;-)) you are actually lying in the forces of the opposite gate and pulling in the sun's energy through the earth's energy...there's always both.

The moon also activates this gate regularly, once a month for a few hours, as will each of the planets in their own timing through their there is always some of this energy around us, either through the planets, or through those people that we come into contact with in our daily lives. One wonderful suggestion that I was given through a teacher of this system was to take a walk through a public place such as a absorb the energies of all those people who are there, pick up on the gifts of their energies and can find the clarity or other energies that you may be needing yourself...and of course, you bring your own energies to them!

Both gate 64 and gate 47 are Virgo energies. Gate 64 was activated by the Sun during the approximately 6 days before the 10th. The Virgo gate activated right now (hexagram 6) brings more of an emotional focus. If you'd like a description of the weekly energies that takes all the layers of design into account, you can visit my friend Eleanor's work here, and register to read her weekly commentaries.

If I can, I may cover the other two mental streams of gates 61/24 and gates 63/4 at some future time.

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