Friday, September 7, 2007

george's cast update...

George and I visited the orthopedist today to follow-up on the broken bone in his wrist. He had gotten so terribly frustrated with having a cast on, that he used his pocket saw blade and cut it off, just over a week ago. This took two hours of dedicated work on his part...not an easy task.

I have used natural remedies for my family ever since George was a's been a normal part of his life to be conscious of his body's natural rhythms and needs. His frustration with his cast was partly, if not mostly, because he felt that the healing process was being impeded by the immobilization of his wrist. It's an interesting situation, since, commonly, the general procedure for any kind of broken bone, when possible, is to immobilize it. However, this particular bone, the scaphoid, does not get a good blood supply, and so the healing process takes longer than usual. George's body was telling him that his arm needed freedom to move in order to heal. Now, what will bring more blood supply to a part of the body, immobilizing it, or moving it? I know, you don't want the bone to shift or get re-injured, but still, the circulation's role in healing has to be taken into consideration as well. So, I don't have answers, but I could see even more clearly today that George's reasons for taking off the cast had a good basis in his knowledge of his body and in the healing process.

I expected some degree of displeasure from the doctor today, but he took the whole thing in stride. Probably he gets lots of calls from people who just can't stand to keep a cast on, and maybe even people who come back in without the cast that they left the office with. On top of that, as a specialist, there really is not much time in these doctors' schedules to hang around and discuss how a patient feels...medicine has definitely become impersonal. It does become more and more necessary for the patient to be aware and be an advocate for their own healing...which is as it should be...leaving the healing to the doctor is just not advantageous to anyone. It is the body that does the healing, the physician can only be a guide and a helper, hopefully providing information as well, but they don't seem to have time for being very thorough in that department.

The arm was x-rayed and the bone looks good. It is healing, but there is still a visible line of fracture...probably because this type of fracture takes eight weeks instead of four to heal. The doctor expected this, and was pleased with the progress of the healing. George was given an arm brace to immobilize the arm again for another four is off as well, though he plans to use it when he feels that it is necessary, where he might be in a situation that could cause an injury if he's not extra careful.

I've dedicated much of the past 19 years to being a teacher and guide to my children, and I find that they teach me much more than I ever could have learned on my own. Their experiences and ways of handling life have been quite an education for me. Of course, I have taught them much as well...but I have been well blessed by their presences in my life these past years!

The photos are from a few years ago, rock climbing in Wissahickon Creek Park, in Pennsylvania, and, below, some kyanite collected from a creek just south of Philadelphia at around the same time. It's getting to that time of year again, when rock climbing and exploring feel like a good thing to do...I guess there is some relation here to broken arms and casts...hopefully being the idea of avoiding them ;-) The focus on the mineral aspect is also a good one...bones...healing...kyanite, which has a beneficial effect on the throat...but also removes energy blockages and stimulates vital energy. Plus, I just wanted to have some photos here along with my words...and these were fun for me to re-visit ;-).
Oh...and we found out today that George is double-jointed! I know that Michael can bend his fingers into the strangest positions, but George doesn't, he just has some unusual looking this was an interesting explanation for something that I never understood before...there's always something new to learn ;-).


kateri said...

George is a wise young man. I am happy to know his bone is knitting back together in its own time and that he is aware to know what his body needs. A removable cast is a great idea for those who are aware enough to use it when its needed. I think you are very right, that movement is key. Water therapy seems to be a good thing, too. I know when I broke my arm and leg a year ago they put removable casts on me. Mostly because of my risk for blood clots. I would have gone crazy other wise. The pain was so intense in the beginning that I was very careful of movement, and wen things started to heal it was natural for me to remove them for part of the day, and gradually more and more. I was knitting again within a few days and up and around out of my wheelchair well before I was supposed to be. The doctor said over an dover that he doesn't normally see people heal so quickly. he said that people baby themselves way too much. ;-) That our bodies are meant to move and if I had not moved my arm so soon that the elbow would have healed in a way that made it difficult to move the way it used to. (It was my elbow that was shattered) I have full movement now...very unusual after a break like that. He said the elbow is one joint/bone that needs movement to heal properly. Interesting, hey?

The photos are wonderful... I am especially loving the one of the rocks and trees... reminds me of New Hampshire...

Love to you... such an amazing mom you are!

PixieDust said...

I love that he can listen to his own needs, to what his body needs. You are a wonderful mother to have taught them such a valuable lesson. I'm glad he is healing, and I'm continuing to send him good thoughts, and good karma.

Those red leaves just POP in that last photo - so beautiful. I love the perspective as well, when I click on the picture and it fills the screen I feel like I'm sitting on the rock.


Cindy said...

Thank you both!
I am reminded by my 14 year old son, Michael, that he took that second photo :-)...I was wondering why I couldn't remember where I was for that one...he appreciates all your comments, too.