Sunday, September 30, 2007

maps and everything...

Early this morning, Carter left me a nice comment for my singular photo in the last post. It's tempting to just quit while I'm ahead ;-)...but I don't think that was his intention, and I've got too much to show and say to stop here goes with the 'more to come' part of our beach adventure.

We had been wanting to take a trip to the Jersey shore all summer, and had planned to go to Cape May last weekend, but our plans were changed by several factors, including the fact that I just didn't feel up to the drive. So, George started making tentative plans again for this weekend, and somehow it all came together very nicely and we made our beach trip.

We picked up Cathy and Claire at the aikido dojo just after 12 noon, and after some very appreciated well-wishes and a pit-stop at the supermarket, we headed off to route 76 (Schuylkill Expressway) through Philadelphia to get on to the Walt Whitman Bridge into NJ and on to Cape May.

Here's a bit of our driving route. I actually couldn't tell you the roads that we took getting into Cape May, as I lost my way in getting to the main highway, but being in no hurry, and knowing that driving south had to take us into Cape May eventually, I just kept going. Except for one little stop at a Wawa to get some snacks and a map and find out where we were, which I think was Burleigh at that point in time, which is right between the words Cape May Courthouse and Wildwood at the bottom of this little bit of map above.

This next map shows the places we visited in dark'll need to click on it to make it big enough to read...

This is the very end of New Jersey...I love this has just about everything you might want if you're into natural sites and beaches...there are bird observatories, historical Victorian houses, a lighthouse, dolphin sighting cruises, and more. Just walking around the city is fun. I think my favorite beach is the one we didn't get to, which is right at Cape May Point. Maybe next time I'll head straight there, although we thoroughly enjoyed the places we did see.

Our first stop was to the beach at Beach Ave. near to Ocean St. This was actually Cathy's very first ever trip to the ocean, which made it that much more special for us and we got to enjoy her reactions to sand and waves. It's always so neat to experience something that you've done before through the eyes of someone who never has. Imagine the feel of shifting sand beneath your feet, when you've only ever felt solid ground! And maybe you're reading this and have not had the joy of that experience either!...something to look forward to one day, maybe. I was waiting to see Cathy's reaction to the water, and hadn't even realized that the sand would take her attention so completely!

We all enjoyed the warm water...(a little cold at first, but once we got used to it it started to feel like bath-water, after its having been warmed by the sun all summer), and finding little treasures of shells and stones.

This collection is just the treasures collected from the first beach.

Well, it's taking me all day to get this much uploaded and written! I've been doing this in between some other things, and just a floaty feeling left over from a day at the ocean...and still feeling like I could use another visit...(or a month or two there!).

I'll have to finish the rest another day, but want to put up a few of my favorite photos taken at this beach...

...could be the beginning of a great adventure story here!

There's actually a flock of gulls at the horizon line in this next on it to make it bigger.

... I love how Cathy looks here....

...and, last for today, this one from home...the perfect ending to a perfect weekend...

This is George and Carter toasting marshmallows to perfection in the fire pit that Michael and I made.

Yet still more to come, from Sunset Beach and a little bit of Cape May itself.

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