Tuesday, September 11, 2007

new moon today...

It is interesting that the concepts of doubt and faith have been brought to my attention today. I have been spending some time reflecting, not feeling the desire to accomplish anything at the moment, and I am realizing that this is the effect of today's new moon. New moons do bring a time of reflecting, and this one in particular has the energy of 'clarity'. The Sun and Moon today are in a position in the zodiac that shows us the way to clarity, if we just allow that clarity to come to us without our trying to grasp at it or look for a particular answer. Try it today...keep yourself open to whatever may come into your mind without expectations of what that should look like.

Here are some of Carol K. Anthony's words on this hexagram (47...Oppression (Exhaustion))...

"We need to realize that we cannot judge matters by their appearances, for the way of the Cosmos is zigzag and subtle. It achieves change by remaining out of sight and beyond the interfering reach of our egoistic expectations and manipulations. It is able to benefit everyone and everything in the situation if we will but invoke its corrective action. We need only be patient and not shut the creative process down through doubting it. (To watch for results, for instance, is to doubt it.) We need to discern that, although all by ourselves we lack the means, the help of the Higher Power is not out of our reach."

"A neutral, open mind, through invoking the titanic creative powers of the Cosmos, is capable of 'moving mountains,' while holding onto a doubt 'as small as a mustard seed' can prevent all progress."

*These words come from "A Guide to the I Ching."

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kateri said...

the new moon... perfect time to make your own essence, filled with clarity...don't you think?

doubt as small as a mustard seed... I love that.

it must be the new moon, because today was so long at work. I am aching from it...but my heart was peaceful. No anxiety. I am starting to feel that flow of positive energy again, and I have been writing about spiritual things in my journal... full of doubts, but they are not the focus. The focus is that all will be well. It is just the way it should be. Even my house was peaceful tonight, with all of us here... played scrabble!

Missed you today... back at my desk on Thursday I hope...

Love, me