Monday, September 3, 2007

touch the sound...

I had seen a preview of this movie a while ago, and so when I saw the dvd in Blockbuster tonight, I knew it was one I wanted to see. I haven't watched it yet, but found some videos on YouTube that I've been enjoying.

The film was directed by the same person who directed the Andy Goldsworthy documentary Rivers and Tides, which I very much enjoyed. There are a few video clips from Rivers and Tides on here for one of them.

Touch The Sound is 'A sound journey with Evelyn Glennie' who is a deaf solo percussionist. Her mission in life is to teach people to hear...which she says is more difficult than it seems that it should be.

Evelyn is also a jewelry is one piece from her website...

Here is the description from the website:

"This piece - a favourite and frequently worn by Evelyn - is made from forged cymbal alloy and inset with a single Alexandrite in sterling silver. A hand-plaited leather cord with silver toggle closure attached to the leather backing completes the piece which is part of the Los Destellos range of pieces currently being developed at EG jewellery."

The first video is a recording session in an old sugar factory with guitar and marimba played by Fred Frith & Evelyn Glennie and is excerpted from the movie.

The second one is Evelyn Glennie teaching 'How to listen to music with your whole body'. It's a long one, I haven't finished watching it yet, but so far it is very good.

This is the intro from
"In this soaring demonstration, deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie leads the audience through an exploration of music not as notes on a page, but as an expression of the human experience. Playing with sensitivity and nuance informed by a soul-deep understanding of and connection to music, she talks about a music that is more than sound waves perceived by the human ear. She illustrates a richer picture that begins with listening to yourself, and includes emotion and intent as well as the complex role of physical spaces -- instrument, concert hall and even the bones and body cavities of musician and listener alike."


PixieDust said...

This movie has slowly been making its way along my Netflix queue - can't wait!


kateri said...

She is just beautiful... and her music, her love... wow.
Thank you, I had never heard of her before.

I love Andy G... he mesmerizes me.