Thursday, October 25, 2007

big full moon...

Trying to get some full moon info in here before the event tonight, which will occur at just before 1 AM EDT. I've been working on a Halloween costume and some other things, so this will just be a little info and some links to check out if you're interested.

"BIG FULL MOON: Tonight's full Moon is the biggest full Moon of 2007. It's no illusion. Some full Moons are genuinely larger than others and this one is a whopper. Why? Read the answer below."

You can read some more here at

Kim Marie gives us a theme to focus on in her forecast for the month HERE.

"October 25/26 - The Full Moon of Taurus is October 25/26 at 2/3 degrees Scorpio-Taurus. This is the annual Full Moon to test our degree of self-reliance. Scorpio energy is intense due to this emotional ability to intuit the bottom line of power in any situation - who has it and who doesn’t. It can make others feel insecure when Scorpio energy strips away the social surface niceties.

Be Ok with the Full Moon emotional excesses in early solar Scorpio. It allows you to realize what lessons you need to work on this month. When we merge with another and osmosis to new levels of power the complete lesson is to then step back into the next level of self-empowerment...."

Eleanor Haspel-Portner for Simply Your Self™ says (in part)...

"This full moon brings with it a shift in the way things feel. For many people this shift comes just at the right time. It gives hope again shifting discouragement or fear that may have built up inner uncertainty for many people over the past couple of weeks. With this full moon comes a brief respite of clarity between the two axes of awareness: the body/mind/instincts and the feeling/mind/instincts. Use the day to align to the inner still place you feel...."


Carter said...

...I believe that this is also the Hunter's Moon. My understanding is that because both the Harvest and Hunters moon remain in the sky longer in the autumn months, it gave people the light by which to harvest or hunt.

I'm only hunting for peace of mind.

Cindy said...

Peace is most elusive when it's being hunted ;-).

kateri said...

AH, this is my moon! My moon is square with the moon, does that make sense? It was so huge and bright last night. I sat and stared at it with my jaw dropped. it was like the biggest pearl in the world. So white! Last year is was more yellow... wonder why?

PixieDust said...

This was marvelous, the moon was already full and luminous when I was driving home from work - not even night, only twilight. So magical.