Sunday, October 14, 2007


Mercury is retrograde right now. Communication becomes so important...and yet so difficult as well. Things said may have to be said again, until it is clear that the meaning was taken correctly. Efforts may end up with results opposite of what was intended. It is a time for looking within and reflecting on the past, recent and not so recent, in order to be ready again for the future when Mercury goes into direct motion again.

Yesterday, everything seemed to be upside-down. The very disturbing sight of squirrels who didn't make it across the road was all over the place...I don't know if that's related to the retrograde, but thinking does seem to get confused, and many squirrels were running out into the road only to stop in the middle and try to decide if they should go forward or back before that car got any closer. My box of bagels ended up upside-down on the floor after one such encounter...better a dirty bagel than a dead squirrel, I think ;-). Maybe they are a good metaphor for what we humans do at this around in circles and try to do things straight when all around us is not straight at all. Maybe deciding that running in circles is a better thing for a little while would be easier on us all!

The retro period goes from October 11th to November 1st this time around. The midpoint happens October 23rd. This can bring us to a time of opening up to new ways of being and new connections with people. Robert Wilkinson, in his Aquarius Papers blog, gives a lot of information on this...too much for some (but so thorough and informative!) I am excerpting some of the indications here:

"Remembering that nothing turns out as expected during a Mercury retrograde, and that things take strange twists and turns and there are curious returns of people, ideas, and experiences in new forms that resemble old forms, open to useful but overlooked angles of viewing things, learn and teach through a sense of perspective of how past and present relate in unusual ways, and be alert to roundabout or indirect communications that show things going on below the surface."


"We'll wind up with a new ideal, new ways of relating to others, new people to relate to, a new sense of balance and proportion in our lives as a result of this period. This initiates a time of regenerating, reversing magnetism in some areas while attracting what we need in other. Drop obsolete ideas and views, as well as interpretations and how you communicate. This time will help us review why we have had to purify and concentrate recently, and will cement our ability to make this a more enduring part of our lives."


Here's my wish for us all ~ that we take this time with a sense of humor and allow insights to penetrate and gently shift us into new ways of being. Keep your mind open and remember to breathe ;-).

*artwork from Dover's 120 Great Fairy Paintings...
...Rehearsal in Fairyland by Richard Doyle, 1870


PixieDust said...

This explains so much as to what I've been seeing and experiencing the last few days... thank you for this wonderful insight!

I'm sorry you encountered such unfortunate squirrels, this makes me weepy. But this is the way it works, yes? Either move forward or life will run you over...

Open mind, and breathing!


Happy Sunday!

kateri said...

Another mercury retrograde, another opportunity to gather ourselves, and open to our thoughts and our inside feelings and try to make some sense of it all. And then if we are lucky, and somewhat share what we have discovered with those who really listen to us.

I love your insights into what the planets hold for us all.

With an open mind and free breath... love and thanks, me

susan greene said...

great post and I love your idea on how to deal with life at this moment.....I am going to use this today.