Tuesday, October 2, 2007

new artwork by George...

Geo: Collaboration Number 024 by ~Jioruji-Derako on deviantART

Artist's Comments
Fullview is highly recommended.

Credits first:
Original lineart ([link]) by :iconepicmyst: (*EpicMyst)
Coloring by me :iconjioruji-derako:
Character created by me, with a bunch of help from EpicMyst (she probably doesn't realize how much she's helped me really create this character. :aww:).

Anyways, this is Anjiru Kuro (but you can call her Anji). Original character of mine, I made her quite a while ago, I suppose, but she never really became a fully fleshed-out character until more recently (maybe, say, six months?). EpicMyst was Über-cool in granting me a giftart a while back, and this is it; I'm incredibly happy with the finished picture. Coloring it even popped me out of my current artist's-block, more or less.

I got PhotoShop CS1 recently, so this is my first finished work to come out of that. I used a WACOM Graphire 4 pen tablet for this as well. Continuing with my method of using every technique I learned previously and applying it better in the current project, my coloring style is much the same as it's been recently; lay down basic colors, touch up with shadows, then go at it with Dodge, Burn, and Smudge. No fancy filters or anything for this work; not much I could add, aside from proper shading and whatnot.

All in all, this was a ton of fun to color; if you haven't already checked out EpicMyst's gallery, you really should. =P I've probably plugged her gallery more often then needed, but you can take all those extra ones and give them to your friends! :D

Advanced Critique encouraged, but not required. Skin shading's still my weak point, but I think I got it down fairly well here.


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PixieDust said...

I love her! So impressive...