Sunday, October 28, 2007

peace train, again...

Deja vu again ;-). I had put up a video of Cat Stevens performing Peace Train after a conversation about pianos and 70's music. Then I received a notice from Jerry Wennstrom about his new work, The Piano, and posted some information about that. Well, I just received an email from Jerry and Marilyn Strong with a new version of Peace Train, with beautiful images of Iran...sometimes things just keep coming around again and again...I want to honor that by posting this video here.

I think that focusing on the beauty of a place that is now under threat of war may be a good antidote to all the negative messages that we normally get. This is a slide show with a new version of Peace Train sung by Yusuf Islan (aka Cat Stevens). If you click on the video it will take you to its own page on YouTube where there is more information and links at the sidebar concerning Iran.

Slide show of images in Iran MEDIA WILL NOT SHOW YOU

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