Friday, October 26, 2007

where did the flowers go?...

Once again I find that I have posted something about a planetary phenomenon and didn't actually get to see it myself. Kateri and Pixiedust both commented on how beautiful it was (thank you!)...we've had nothing but clouds and rain since I was able to post my photos of blue flowers and hearts in the trees....what a switch. It makes me so happy to hear about other people's experiences of seeing the least I can live vicariously through their words ;-). Good enough reason to blog about it.

This is my bit of color for today...the Glenside train station in the rain. I brought my sons here so they could take the train to a Halloween party, then drove later tonight in a heavy downpour to pick them up from the party...they wanted the fun of taking the train there, though I was told later that the ride was boring...not much happening, only commuters getting on and off...oh well...I probably would have enjoyed it more than they did ;-).

Today's transits brought this (in Kim Marie's words):
October 26 - Mercury retro makes the second of three waning sextiles to Pluto on October 26 at 27 degrees Libra-Sagittarius. The first one was September 24 and the last waning sextile is November 8, both in Libra-Sag. This aspect will bring repeated messages of speaking the truth in all our relationships.
Pluto is direct and in the final degrees of Sagittarius. Lies are coming out all over the place, the question is - are we listening? Libra is the psychology of listening, while Mercury is the anatomy of listening. Together, Mercury in Libra is learning how to really listen to what another is actually stating. Pluto has some powerful messages so make every effort you can to listen to the many voices coming through.
Trust your intuition as the most powerful voice may be just a whisper. Universal truths are timeless, and bring a sense of relief even if we still feel some insecurity with Sun in Scorpio. As new information settles in, the relief and sense of “rightness” comes through stronger and stronger.

This was a tough one for me. Miscommunication was pretty rampant, and looking back to Sept. 24 (through the magic of saved emails) I found that ease in communication was a very major issue for me at that time as well. Hopefully the third time around on Nov. 8th makes everything more clear. At the time of the transit in late September I was feeling so very unheard...I am not one to shout, I have always needed people to ask me questions and really, truly listen to me. So, what I wonder is, am I supposed to learn to shout?, or just make sure that the people that I associate with are ones who know how to listen and care about what I say? I'd prefer the second choice...but sometimes I wonder what it is that the Universe is trying to show me, and if maybe I'm just not 'getting it'. Sometimes shouting is the only way, when you've spent most of your life trying to keep the peace and 'make nice' in the hopes that others will be nice in return. It doesn't work ;-)...though I'm not sure yet what does.

I did spend the afternoon sewing a Halloween costume...just a black ninja top...I had fun with it. No pattern, just a rough outline taken from a martial arts gi top. I cut rectangles out of black broadcloth and then pieced them together...I've actually never done that...I always needed a pattern, even if I had to make it myself. The top actually came out great, if I can say so myself. I guess it was great because I was so afraid that one wrong move was going to ruin the whole thing. The last part was the edging around the front. I made a strip of fabric into a folded-over belt-like piece, and then sewed it onto the collar area and then down the front of the gi on both sides. Mentally, I couldn't see how it would work, almost like working with a moebius strip, but my fingers knew better what to do and it mind works differently these days and I find that I can do things that I never would have thought I could.

Oh..and now I'm re-reading what I wrote and realize that I'm wrong! My first clothing creation was one that I made when I was about 7 or 8. Someone gave me a wonderful piece of purple and white striped material that was only about a foot wide, but maybe 6 or more feet long. I used one part of it to make a wrap around mini-skirt with fringe on the side, and the other to make a halter top that I cut into to make straps and tied the rest in the back. No sewing at all, just some safety pins for the skirt. There's a photo somewhere of me standing with my bicycle (I guess I rode it with the mini-skirt ;-)) in front of my grandparents house Upstate NY. I wonder where that photo might be now. I think my memory of it is good enough, though...I was so proud and happy with that outfit. What happened then? School, maybe...somewhere along the line I thought I had to have patterns for everything. Almost forty years later, I find that I don't ;-).

I guess I'm learning, slowly...just don't always know what it is that I'm learning until I look back at it and see it from a distance.


kateri said...

You should find that photo... and then write a story about the girl in it. Sometimes I look at photos of myself when iw as little and such clear feelings come back. Lik eone where I am in my mom's bedroom wearing my dad's cowboy boots. I am only two, and the boots are up to my waist! I look so proud and content. ANd then another one where I am blowing out my 5th birthday candles with such a worried look on my face, but what the photo does not tell is that my dad had JUST killed a rattlesnake in the garage. I don't remember the cake, but I certainly remember the sanke getter chooped with a sharp shovel blade...ewwww!

Anyhow... I felt to retrograde...and I kept to myself for almost a week. I needed to be a turtke. Sometimes you just do. :-) it passed for me, and everything is really good right now...but I feel this storm brewing inside, in a very good way... just letting it be though. I don't know... life just feels good.

Love you...

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