Sunday, November 11, 2007

november sunday...

It's been so long since I have felt like writing. Today, I'm not sure what I feel like doing, it's just that kind of a day. Yesterday, my sons took the train to Center City Philadelphia, to meet up with Carter for a day in Philly. They painted his basement and then headed out to tour the city and get something to eat. They entirely enjoyed themselves from what I was told. It's funny...I grew up in Brooklyn and was no stranger to trains and buses. Then we moved to PA and I guess I forgot all about those means of transportation. There was one trip on the train when the boys were little, because the train runs right through our backyard (practically) and I wanted them to see the train from the inside and know what it was. Now, they are finding out how easy it is to hop on and go...everything happens in it's own proper timing.

I drove them to the Glenside station again yesterday...not even thinking to check the schedules at the two stations that are in walking distance from home! It was a good thing, though, as I found a farmer's market and bought a beautiful head of organic lettuce, and also read the sign on the cafe at the station...they are looking to hire a high school student to help them clean and organize...just perfect for Michael, who's been bugging me about finding a job for him. While they were out, and with George's permission, though I don't think he expected much....I gave his room a total overhaul. It was several hours of picking through all kinds of stuff and moving things and cleaning from corner to corner. Anyone who has ever seen his room will I have sore muscles that I had forgotten I ever had...I guess I was so intent on getting it all done before they came back that I didn't even notice what I was doing. It was well worth it...George has a new start in a clean space now that had been becoming overwhelming for quite a while. He has plans to build a shelf unit for his clothes and books and things, and the space is clear for him to do that now.

I took my camera out to the backyard today when I saw two deer grazing on acorns. I went slowly and quietly...they saw me, but didn't get alarmed, and I was able to get pretty close for some decent photos. I think it was a mom and her little one, probably the ones I saw 'kissing' a little while ago. To the left is mom...she was quite calm about me being there. The younger deer was more nervous and was the first to run away, but came back when mom stayed. The next photo was taken when my neighbor came walking down the back driveway...they were pretty alert for that...the further away one is the younger deer.

So now I am alternating between computer time and cleaning some more and also getting ready for Michael's birthday which is next week. He'll be 15...he's very happy about longer so new at being a teenager. He's borderline for being taller than me now (I'm about 5 foot 8)...I keep getting reminders of that, so I'm actually looking forward to when it's definite so I won't have to hear about it anymore.

My next project is going to be rearranging the living room. I would like to do that this week before Michael's birthday. My plan is to exchange places between the ferret cage and the piano, so the piano will have a more central position opposite the front window. George used to play a bit when he was younger. My mother taught me to play and I enjoy it when I can sit down and experiment with it. Lately, with two teens in the house full-time...these things are not so easy to do, but something I am planning to do more of in the future. Maybe I can get Carter to come back and play some more as well...(hint....and thanks Carter for the free day yesterday ;-)).

Time to go finish doing whatever it was I've been doing today...maybe I'll figure it out eventually.

...and, one more....from the train tracks while I was following the deer...a blurry photo of a fox as well.....maybe a little hard to the right just below the first post and in between the two sets of tracks...


PixieDust said...

Happy to see you blogging! I love to hear how everything is going in your little corner of the world. And I never tire of seeing your photos, especially when there are deer around, heehee


Yes, my daughter also vies for towering over me someday, although at 5' feet it's probably not the same as trying to reach the 5'8" goal, lol! But still it is fun.

Happy Monday!!


kateri said...

You are one busy the deer photos :-) I know what you mean about your child being taller suddenly... I am 5'9 and Anna is 5'11. it's crazy! But we still wear the same size shoe...

I was really missing your posts. I check twice a day... keep 'em coming :-)