Monday, December 10, 2007

embroidery inspiration...

I recently bought the Oct/Nov issue of american craft magazine. Someone had left it in the crafting section of the magazine stands in Barnes and Noble...I like when that happens, and I find something that I might not otherwise see...the cover had a photo of Nathalie Lete and an article inside called House of the Hand-Made, and I was intrigued. This is something I had always wanted to do...fill my home with things made from my own hands, as well as that of my family and other artists... It didn't happen, for various reasons, though that doesn't mean that it never will. In the magazine, I came across the work of Mariska Karasz, who's style of embroidery developed into one that emphasized the stitches themselves over the idea of creating a pictorial effect. I found an early book that she wrote at think it is still available from the same seller for 99 cents! It was originally published in 1949 as 'adventures in stitches' and republished in 1959 with an added 'and more adventures - fewer stitches'...the first book was about pictorial stitching and the added section went into abstract uses of stitches...all of it is inspiring and I have photographed some of the pages of my copy to show here...

I've also been enjoying the work of Sara Lechner through her blog. So much variety and creativity, even to her straw bale construction studio/store/coffee shop that you can see on her Flickr account, linked from the blog.

I don't know what I'll do out of all this inspiration...sometimes just taking it all in and letting it simmer inside is enough for me, as it all feeds me on a deep level in many ways...but hopefully there'll be something to show for it as well and then I will share that here.


kateri said...

Wow, Sara's blog is wonderful! Looks like you are feeding yourself with all sorts of good stuff! Books are so wonderful.


PixieDust said...

What goodies you are absorbing lately! Sara's blog is incredible... I'll have to go spend some time there.

I have a few handmade goodies in my house, that has been my dream also... there's something so comforting having your creations (or a friend's) hugging you from every corner of your home.


Have a wonderful evening!