Wednesday, December 12, 2007

meteor showers...

Space Weather News for Dec. 12, 2007

Earth has entered a stream of dusty debris from asteroid 3200 Phaethon and, as a result, the annual Geminid meteor shower is underway. Sky watchers around the world are reporting a slow drizzle of late-night meteors at least as bright as the stars of the Big Dipper. The best is yet to come: Forecasters expect the shower to peak on Friday, Dec. 14th. No matter where you live, watch the sky between local midnight and dawn; people outdoors before sunrise on Friday could see dozens to hundreds of shooting stars. Depending on the details of Earth's encounter with Phaethon's debris stream, the shower could continue into the weekend as well.

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kateri said...

ooooh star showers! I will try to wait up! It is snowing and is supposed to snow all night, but if it clears... how wonderful would that be? Snow and stars???