Wednesday, December 31, 2008

moon and venus...

This was taken yesterday after sunset. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see Venus up high in the branches to the left of the moon. The moon will be heading in that direction for a conjunction tonight. Not sure if I'll be able to see Mercury and Jupiter down low on the horizon unless I find a flat field somewhere, but it's pretty darn cold today ;0)

Here's some expanded info on these transits from Aquarius Papers.

And if the first photo is too hard to see, here's a bit more zoomed in shot.

Monday, December 29, 2008

photo opportunity....

from SpaceWeather...

NEW YEAR'S EVE: What a way to end the year. On Dec. 31st, Venus and the slender crescent Moon will gather together high in the southwestern sky for a beautiful conjunction visible for hours after sunset. The two brightest objects in the night sky can be seen through city lights and even fireworks--so everyone can enjoy the show. Meanwhile, closer to the horizon, Mercury and Jupiter are converging for their own Dec. 31st conjunction. This one is not so easy to see, but rewarding for those who make the effort to find the two planets shining through the rosy glow of sunset.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

driftwood jewelry...

I found this website and blog(s) in a round about way. I just spent at least ten minutes trying to retrace my steps to see how I actually did find it ;-).
Jewelry and other pieces all made from driftwood found on the beaches of Alanya, Turkey (map to the left from Wikipedia.)

There's not a lot of information on any of the sites, but lots of photos.
First, the website YALOS,
the first blog YALOS ALANYA and the jewelry blog ALANYALOS.

And, how I got there? a little link under a photo at this blog Karin's Style Blog, which I found from a link on this site Lines and Shapes Connect Us, which is the latest project from one of the makers (mav) of the year long photo blogs 3191 a year of mornings and 3191 a year of evenings (stephanie is the other blogger.)

Lots of links for lots of inspiration!

Friday, December 26, 2008

an experiment...

Inspired by an ornament made by Lynn
The glass was etched using a rubber stamp. The technique uses embossing powder which is later removed after the glass is etched, but I liked the way the embossing looked so I let it stay.

Here's a cute video from Ashley's Creative Corner showing how to etch....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

positive changes...

found online in the Washington Post....

Viktor Yerofeyev, a prominent Russian novelist, said he believed Obama's election marked the start of a new era for the world.

"The choice of an African-American president in the United States overturns the whole idea of the stiff and conservative America. This means that America did wake up. This means that America is again open for free and democratic values," he said. "Even I did not expect that America would cheer up after eight years of idiocy and lies. It turned out that America is a living and decent country. I am delighted with America today. . . . America has once again become a good model to emulate. It has again become a great country."

Saturday, October 25, 2008


"Most of us have grown up in a culture where there is definitely something wrong when things do not turn out the way we expect them to. If it wasn’t that way for us at home, it most likely was that way at school. Consciously or unconsciously, we have been acculturated to believe that there is a way that life should be, and if it isn’t that way, there is something wrong with us, with those around us, and with life itself. Letting go of this concept can be challenging, for we have also come to believe that change occurs when something is so wrong we can no longer stand it. We want you to consider that there is power in realizing that change can be initiated at any time, and nothing needs to be “wrong” in order to actualize change."

Thinking about this excerpt from
Sacred Commerce: Business as a Path of Awakening
by Matthew & Terces Engelheart, owners of Cafe Gratitude.

Plus, a video by artist Rima Staines...see more about her at her blog The Hermitage.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

happy 2008!...

I didn't realize with my last post of Dec 23rd, that I would find myself disappearing for so long. I guess I've needed to gather myself together and get ready for this new year. For now, I'm posting a link to something that I find so wonderfully creative....enjoy...SouleMama's 2008 calendar.