Sunday, December 28, 2008

driftwood jewelry...

I found this website and blog(s) in a round about way. I just spent at least ten minutes trying to retrace my steps to see how I actually did find it ;-).
Jewelry and other pieces all made from driftwood found on the beaches of Alanya, Turkey (map to the left from Wikipedia.)

There's not a lot of information on any of the sites, but lots of photos.
First, the website YALOS,
the first blog YALOS ALANYA and the jewelry blog ALANYALOS.

And, how I got there? a little link under a photo at this blog Karin's Style Blog, which I found from a link on this site Lines and Shapes Connect Us, which is the latest project from one of the makers (mav) of the year long photo blogs 3191 a year of mornings and 3191 a year of evenings (stephanie is the other blogger.)

Lots of links for lots of inspiration!

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Lorelei said...

Hi Cindy!
I love this driftwood necklace you posted. I just favorited an etsy listing of small pieces of of driftwood. I'd totally buy it if I could put holes in it somehow but how without a drillpress??