Tuesday, January 20, 2009

susan lenart kazmer video...

I found this video (see it below) on Susan Lenart Kazmer's website a few days ago. It was perfect timing for me, as I have been collecting supplies for metalworking but have been worried about what I have heard about how easy it is to break saw blades while cutting metal, so I have not yet tried it. This video set my worries to rest, and I can't wait to try it out. The video is fun, too. It was created by Susan and a filmographer who worked on the movie "The Secret", so there are some nice touches that make it fun to watch.

I have been wanting to get Susan's book, "Making Connections" for awhile now. Last month I requested it from my library to see if they would purchase it, and they did! It arrived last week, but when I went in on Friday to pick it up, it was nowhere to be found. We've been searching ever since and I don't know if it will show up or not. It is strange. It is very possible that it was inadvertently filed on a shelf somewhere in the wrong place, but I've been looking. Yesterday I thought maybe with the title and the cover illustration it might have been put in the electronics section, but it wasn't there. I'm hoping it wasn't stolen, but that is always a possibility. Time will tell.

Enjoy the video!

(p.s. the video can be downloaded here for Quicktime and the quality is soo much better!)

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